Panchatantra Tales — Bonding People over Resourceful Stories

We live in an era that is dominated by technology as kids find solace in playing video games. However, not long ago the conventional Indian stories that reflected our culture captured their interests. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as things have drastically changed with time. In order to bring back the glory and magic of the traditional stories, attempts are being made on constant basis.

Recently, a lady residing in Bangalore decided to commence an initiative that centered on keeping alive the cultural heritage of our country — be it the stories, fables, games or traditions. We have seen numerous times people arguing over giving more preference to western culture than their own lore. So, for the sake of preserving the magnanimously rich culture heritage of our nation, it is somewhat necessary to pique the attention of the young generation.

The aforementioned Bangalore resident surprisingly received overwhelming response from the public regarding her project. She created a group on Facebook called ‘Malleshwaram and Suttha Muttha’ to socialize more and spread the word regarding the same. Believing in the life lessons professed by her parents and grandparents, she was able to gather courage to make a change.

Primarily she started Kagakka Gubakka as a foundation towards expanding the network and to share good-old stories. While the first session kick-started last year in Malleshwaram in a weekly gathering, the following sessions were monthly gatherings so as to avoid the repetitiveness of the matter. After that she moved to other areas outside of the city with the help of some volunteers. Success followed her then too as people appreciated her ideology.

As of now she is assisted by some people on full time basis so as to expand the roots of their project. With a perennial desire to re-establish the worth of Indian values amongst the gen X, she is consistently putting in her best efforts towards bonding people over resourceful stories. And by resourceful stories, nothing beats the Panchatantra fables.

Tales as old as time, they have been in succession since a long time. Originally written in Sanskrit, they have been adapted into numerous local languages over the years for people’s apprehension. A lot of animated videos have been made too that depict the rich stories. Maha Cartoon TV is the leading cartoon channel amongst all which is doing a great job at transforming the stories into visual format for kids’ entertainment.

Commenced with the objective of proffering Hindi cartoons that not only entertain but also provide the kids with resourceful content, Maha Cartoon embodies the similar amount of zeal and ambition like the Bangalore resident towards increasing the worth of India’s culture and traditions.

As the first free-to-air cartoon channel of India, Maha Cartoon TV telecasts all the shows and videos for free. Available for streaming both online and offline, kids can relish the tales of Panchatantra anytime, anywhere. If interested in knowing more about them, kindly visit their YouTube channel: or their website: