Kid-Friendly Hindi Cartoon Show Parents Should Know About

Mooshak GunGun is an uproarious Hindi Cartoon Show that parents should know about. There are hundreds of cartoon shows for school kids. But rarely do we find cartoons that are created with the purpose of entertaining the toddlers. It’s a disappointment because one of the most watched cartoons in history comprise of Looney Toones and Tom and Jerry. Since both the shows are pictorial i.e. they incorporated visual representation and led to the evolution of a multitude of fascinating cartoon shows; their ignorance in the current era doesn’t make any sense at all.

A lot of leading animation studios throws an excuse that Tom and Jerry is the ‘Johnson and Johnson’ of all cartoon shows. Well, it is doubtlessly a blast of a program to watch, it raises questions regarding the innovativeness of the writers. If a show is great, it is bound to earn respect and become a classic. But same thing cannot be said about a program which succeeded without having a competitor of its own size. Comparing Tom and Jerry with Pokémon, or Shin Chan isn’t right for the reason both the shows have a different target audience.

Children below five years of age are hardly able to understand the concept behind shows like Pokémon. All they understand are the colors and the visuals bestowed in front of them. This is the biggest reason why everyone including the infants adores Tom and Jerry so much because it is comprehendible what exactly is going on.

Similar can be said about Looney tunes. The characters range from a rabbit to a duck. They are the creatures that children see on frequent basis. In other words, watching them speak amuses the kids more than watching a human talk. It has been decades since anyone attempted on making or even replicating these shows and proffer children with cartoons that doesn’t warrant heavy application of mind.

Thank heavens; we finally have a cartoon show that is targeted exclusively for the young guns. Mooshak GunGun is a cat and mouse chase show that is offers plenty of laughs and exciting moments. Every episode is jammed with both situational and slapstick comedy that evokes enough laughter to keep the viewer engrossed. There is no devised plot. It is very much alike Tom and Jerry on that front. All it has is characters that are downright appealing and hilarious.

Moreover, it is a Hindi Cartoon show which makes it even more compelling. The dialogues are written keeping in mind the kids and are sure to leave them in splits. It airs on Maha Cartoon TV, the first free-to-air cartoon channel in India and is also available online for seamless viewing. Taking into account how hard it gets handling toddlers, parents must know about this show that is certain to keep their kids engaged and entertained