Which are the Best Audit and Risk Management Software?

Mahadev Chinchole
Jan 3 · 3 min read

There are several advantages of using the best of anything. For example, if you use the best audit and risk management software, you can complete the task of auditing at greater efficiency. In addition to this, the auditor gets some time to qualify and verify the result. Apart from this, the business owners, too, are well aware of the next step of actions for exponential growth.

However, the demand for getting things done automatically has made several companies have their software launched. The presence of several of them has left the company owners bamboozled. According to the experts, the best audit and risk management software would be those that will have the following features —

· Should be user-friendly and must have the compatibility with other devices

· Should have the standardized audit evaluation tools with uniform tracking and set evaluation criteria

· Should be affordable and consume less time for auditing and report generation

· Should have the ability to enhance the productivity of the company with improved data quality

· Should have the credit of generating the least error

· Should make the report visually attractive and hence, the presence of customizable dashboard will be of added benefit

Should offer cloud-based audit management where editing and conducting work from a remote location should be easy

If someone searches for all the above features in a single audit and risk management software, then it is a bit challenging. However, almost all the service providers strive to put into all the features in their product.

The following is the list of the best audit and risk management software that the companies trust or bank on —

· LaserGRC

It is perhaps the leading global name in the field of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Audit and Risk Management software. It caters to a variety of clients including several sectors that include manufacturing, finance, and technology.

The software has great potential to identify, assess, monitor and mitigate the possible risk. Many businesses term it as the efficient risk management software. The best part is that this software monitors internal control and ensures regulatory compliance.

· Gensuite

The businesses have learnt a new way of streamlining the inspections and reducing the redundancies with Gensuite audit and risk management software. It has redefined the success story for the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) sector. Its precise and standard assessment has simplified the workflow and restructured the process of tracking and compiling audits related to EHS.

· Qualityze EQMS Suite

When it comes to the sector of the quality management solution for life sciences and health care, Qualityze EQMS Suite has taken things by storm. This audit and risk management software provides a solution to solve issues related to compliance and quality. The best part is that it offers a cloud platform in correlation with the industrial best practices.

· Assure Software

Assure software offers cloud-based audit solutions helping businesses to analyse the segregation of duties apart from effectively managing transactions. The software also warns about the potential threats for the various ERP systems. It helps in generating custom reports which are considered to be the best thing of any software in the category.


Before selecting any of the software for auditing and risk management, it is important to look after the needs or the requirements. The purchase should be made only after ascertaining that the particular software stands by all the desired parameters.

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