This read might consist a large section of what I observed by the changes that occurred in my life in the last few years. Teenage is the most complicated and confusing phase of one’s life. Teenagers are treated like kids but expected to act like adults. Most of us have no clear vision of our targets. Unfortunately not all of us get the guidance we need at this age. This leads to disaster, this leads to kids wasting the most precious years of their lives. Wasting here, does not mean that they get into drugs or don’t study well, infect they miss on a lot more they could have gained and achieved.

The most important part of this age has to be the fact that we ought to know what we are doing. We need to keep our goals, destinations and aims before us. We need to be sure of our priorities. This is not just about studies but about the fact that they must know what they need and are supposed to deliver when it comes to their social, career, love lives. They should have their standards very clear to themselves and should know how to deliver them to others!

Who wouldn’t admire a young aged person who has a unique personality and is confidently carrying it with pride and is ready to learn and grow.

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