“Stay away from me!” she screamed at him before slamming the door.

He pounded on the frame. “I am sorry! Please let me in!!”

Her battered arms were bathed in the roses she just received. She was done with his infidelities, his cruelties, and his abuse. She was over the…

Her alarm clock purred her awake on a warmer than usual November morning. It was a bit later than she usually woke up but she always kept this day as a special occasion- she wanted to look and feel her best. Her only child was coming to visit. …

Welcome, welcome, please come inside

I beckon you to take a seat

Pray do not feel uneasy, my queen

Beauty like yours is a rare feat

I offer you songs of ardent love

I offer you romantic notions

I sense in you a meek resistance

So I parade about my…

Nina Chari

Trying to determine if snark can be leveraged as a self sustaining fuel source

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