It’s noice, it’s different, it’s unusual.

A weekend spent in honour of Australia’s favourite mother and daughter.

It has been fifteen years since Kath and Kim first premiered and Australia has had a serious love affair with the two foxy ladies from Fountain Lakes ever since. The mother and daughter duo, played by Gina Riley and Jane Turner, taught us to never be ashamed of our bogan quirks, but rather embrace them.

Melbourne is a city filled with many iconic sightseeing tours like a coffee drinking tour, or the set of the TV show Neighbours. So you can only imagine how disappointed I was to discover there is no official way to relive this iconic television show.

After a quick binge of some of my favourite moments from the four seasons, I organised to spend a weekend in honour of the two characters that have bought us so much joy over the past decade.

Friday night:

In preparation for the big weekend ahead, the first stop was obviously to make use of the late night Friday shopping at the girl’s favourite retail outlet: Fountain Gate.

Located about an hour and a half outside the city, the centre is the second largest in the state, with a cosmic range of clothing, food and home ware options including the recently refurbished Myer.

As a long time fan of the show, Fountain Gate was a real thrill. The vast clean shiny floors and florescent lights truly made me feel like I had jumped straight into a shopping trip with the girls themselves.

The main must see for any Kath and Kim fan is obviously the Supre store located on Level 1, where you will find plenty of ‘foxy’ outfits to wear out on the weekend, such as those flaunted by Kim.

Saturday morning:

The next treat on our weekend was to experience first hand one of the most iconic places in the show, and frankly the entire city of Melbourne: Ikea. Decked out in new outfit from Fountain Gate, I took the 109 tram to Richmond to spend my Saturday morning browsing everything from armchairs to Swedish cuisine.

During Kim’s shopping trip to Ikea with her hunk a spunk husband Brett, she is overcome by her need to go to the bathroom, but accidentally ends up taking her business on one of the display models. Be prepared to get some interesting looks from staff if you are keen on recreating this experience.

Most people will tell you that a trip to Ikea can be exhausting, so I made sure I headed out fresh and early in the morning, which proved to be an excellent idea. Make sure you bring a water bottle, a recharged phone, sturdy shoes, and a positive attitude to make the most out of the trip.

Saturday night:

One of my personal favourite moments from the show is Kim’s birthday which features the whole clan hop on board The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. As I didn’t grow up in Melbourne, I assumed it was something that people did all the time, and was quite surprised to learn most Melbourne residents see it as a tacky tourist outing. Despite this, I ventured onward, picking the early opinion for my moving dinner, which departed conveniently just opposite the Crown Casino.

As the tram travelled down St Kilda road, I quickly built a strong rapport with the wait staff, which made the journey one of the best dinner outings I had ever had. Alongside friendly smiles, cracking jokes, and constantly full glasses of chardonnay, this dinner sincerely felt like a Kath and Kim approved outing.

Sunday afternoon:

To truly embrace the spirit of Kath and Kim, I completed my weekend with a lazy Sunday afternoon, featuring a DVD, Baileys and BBQ shapes. After a well deserved sleep in, I popped down to the nearest video rental store, which was honestly much further than I realised, to grab a copy of one of Kath’s favourite movies: Eyes Wide Shut.

I was more than eager to just to chuck on our track pants, ugg boots and enjoy a nice relaxing afternoon on the couch feeling like one hundred bucks as I embraced my inner bogan.

Despite premiering over a decade ago, spending the weekend like the two foxy ladies from Fountain Lakes, bought back many great memories of the show, and showed me Melbourne from a nice, different and unusual perspective.