Practicing Happiness

When i gave Entry Test for UET, i could not score marks enough for Electrical Engineering, so my other priority on the list was Environmental Engineering. I still remember the day when i was submitting all the documents for admission and had to fill a field preference list. I just selected Electrical and was about to submit it when my mom said “ Maham only one preference, are you mad, go for some other field too.” But Environmental Engineering was the field i was most reluctant to opt for, but after Chemical Engineering because this is the engineering i really dont like at all, How come one can study so much Chemistry, i am trembling even form its imagination. Anyway it was just a joke. So my mom convinced me to reconsider my preference list. So making a long story short, i went for Environmental Engineering. But i was not happy at all. I used to tell my friends that i will reattempt Entry Test. So due to this my mindset went somewhat negative. I found no interest in this field and in my first semester i did not score very good. So my mom was very shocked as she has always believed that i was a “ Parhne Wali Bachi”. She talked to me about it and figured out that i had made such a strong decision of reattempting Entry Test that even my everyday talks included these words that “ Oh let it go, I am not gonna stay here”.

So, she was the one who helped me out a lot in shattering these negative thoughts. She used to show me newspapers and job opportunities for Environmental Engineers. She used to say that “ Its okay if you want to go for some other field but it is also a really good one, so why don’t you give it a try”. She used to tell me how good my field was, and how lucky i was to be a part of this university under this program.

So what happened was that by the end of second semester i was totally content with my field. I used to study newspapers to see what type of work environmental engineers do in field and now i really feel proud to be one. If i had not been out of that dooming situation, it would have effected my life and my other semesters, it could have been able to get admission in my desired field after giving entry test for the second time, but it would have been a waste of my energy and resources because every field is good and there is a lot scope out there( specially more scope than what your Khalas and Mamos think :-p)