The richest poor man Abdul Sattar Edhi, Angel of mercy. A real mentor for us from whom we can learn how to spend life like a human. We can found a lot of examples of humanity in his life. One of them from which i inspires a lot is the time when he roams the streets to find handicapped and destitute persons to help them without caring who is he or from which religion he belongs just because he thinks no religion is higher than humanity. He used the principle of progress ‘Amal’ and just start doing helping others i really admires his efforts for me he is a real hero, a real angel for needy humans of Pakistan. I have learned a lot from him especially taking first step whether it is a small step and i will actually do the same in my life and i just start what i wanted to do.

I just wanted to visit a Temple or a Church and to explore these places. I am a Muslim but i don’t dislike any other religion i believe in religion equality. I believe no one is superior or inferior than others. I really wanted to do this for a long time to show solidarity for minorities of our country who were neglected by us which is against the teachings of Islam. but i never been able to done that because i always feel hesitation to go there due to religious discrimination. I always feel fear to visit these places, what other people will think? What they will say? What my friends will say? How they behaves? Because in Pakistan Muslims are in majority that’s why they treat other minority religions in really a bad way and i am personally dislike these behaviors of people out there. That’s why i wanted to visit these places and wanted to talk people with other religions to know their feel or their pain, what they really have to suffer? They are at times refused housing, jobs, loans and other different things.

The very first tasks i need to do to complete this project is i have to found a temple or a church somewhere i can go easily. For this purpose i talk to my mother and she suggested me places where i can go and found a temple or a church easily.

My second task is to find a reference by which i can get access to these places easily for this purpose i contact Chairman Rawadari Tahreek Samson Salamat (a movement once i have been working for voluntarily ) He give me contact numbers of a “Pandit and Father” and introduce me to them. And then they give me time to visit these places.

My third task is to find a partner who is willing to go there with me because i don’t wanted to go there alone for this i asked my friends one of them found some time for me. And on 13,july 2017 we have been there.

First, me and my friend went to a Temple situated at Moolchand St. near Neela gumbad, Old Anarkali, Lahore. but the difficulty we found is that the Temple was locked because Pandit Bhagat Laal to whom we know, have to go somewhere. Then we decided to go to our next destination Central Cathedral of Praying Hands Church which is situated at waris road, Lahore. We have to remove our shoes outside the church due to religious norms. And whoo, that was really a place worth visit. It was really a beautiful place beyond my expectations i can spend hours sitting there without no reason, without caring others, without considering that i am not belong here. I also asked one of the caretaker of the Church about their religious prayers and concepts. That was a wonderful experience for me. I also learned a lot about their religion, about their holy places, about their prayers. I really wanted to go there again to know them better and wanted to help them in their problems.

Me at praying hands church.
outside picture of church
inside picture of church.
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