Happiness named youth

Have you ever come up with a memory that you hadn’t returned to in ages? You weren’t even aware that you had this memory somewhere in your mind. But there you are, suddenly torn away from what you had been doing and thinking about this.

You are terrified to learn how elusive all of your memories are. You think, if you did remember this one from nowhere, how many others have you forgotten forever?

That was how I felt waking up today. I’ve had enough good memories in my brief life, I won’t complain. But I think in everyone’s life there comes some moment when you want to go back to those times, live each second again, but this time enjoying it, paying attention to every detail. Living, such that you can stop for a minute to appreciate the value of the experience, because first time you were too busy thinking about your next moment to let this one sink in.

That’s the thing about us: when we’re happy, we’re thinking about future, when sad, we look back into good old days, but we never really think about now. As a teenager, we look forward into adult life, with great expectations and ambitions. As we grow old, we spend more and more time thinking about and recalling the past. But somewhere between those years, we somehow miss the time when we must be living the moment, as though letting the life go through us, slip out of our hands, without being able to do anything with it. I think this might be the definition of being young. “Live the moment”, as they say, but live it in a fashion you had ever dreamed of, and the way you will ever after be happy remembering.