My first try to take a geniun interest in others:

As it is in human nature that we always want to talk about ourself and same is the case with me. This activity is quite helpful for me in getting me out from my reserved zone. When i started chat with my friends and asked questions about themself, i felt that they are more interested to talk to me and they gave me instant response. I also wish one of my friend on her birthday and try to make her feel special, this thing also brings a joy for me.

Yes it is sure that you can win even a heart of savage person by admiring him. And if u want to become a good and mannerly person it is necessary to talk to others pleasantly and make them feel special by admiring them. Give and take is the part of life always help others in a way as u want from others. From now i also try to put this practice in my life as maximum as i can because your sweet tone is enough to inspire others. Nobody is want to hear about you but you can change this thinking by start thinking of others. I also try to apply this in my life by helping other by solving there problems and by gossiping with them about themself.

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