Let’s Talk

Conversations are so over-rated
Who has the time or the inclination
To sit side by side and say,
“Tell me about your day.”
C’mon, that’s such a cliche!

When a double tap, a heart, a like or a retweet
Gives me all the validation I need
Why should I sit and think about the last time
I actually did a good deed

The last time I sat with a friend under a tree,
Waited for the birds to fly home,
And spoke about all and sundry
I was probably in my teens back then
Now, I’m too old for that shit
I’d rather sit and read a hundred sly tweets.

When I talk to people I don’t look into their eyes.
In fact, to have a fairly genial conversation
They don’t even have to be around for miles.
Isn’t that the beauty of the lives we lead today?
You can hear their voice but not see the tremble of their lips
Why need a real one when every second smiley you see is a kiss?
I don’t need to hold hands!
I don’t even remember what that feels like
And in any case, my hands are always occupied

Scrolling and tapping and locking and unlocking
Like an absurd little performance
That someone’s put on repeat
And I can’t seem to stop
No matter how hard I try
But it’s not like I try too hard, you know.
It’s not like my entire life is passing me by

Modi, secularism, cricket and rape
Divorce rates, Oscar gowns, on everything under the sun
You must have a take!
For what’s an opinion, if not to be thrust in everyone else’s face
Who sits and contemplates life
Within the confines of their own little space?

You must either agree or disagree
Don’t you have a brain?
Did you miss the memo about outrage being the order of the day?

Anyway, I usually let my hands do the talking and not my mouth
So this is getting a bit tiring
But hey, how ‘bout that lil’ retweet or that shoutout!

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