The cold war in the Middle East has led to conflicting and troubling foreign policy messages from the Trump Administration.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Nayef, with President Donald Trump (TIME)

By Mary-Kate Mahaney

The Progressive Teen Staff Writer

A key promise of President Trump’s 2016 campaign was to “end the endless wars”, but the administration’s current foreign policy actions directly contradicts that.

President Trump, after a phone call with the Turkish president Recep Erdoğan, withdrew U.S. military forces from Syria. …

The threat of modern-day poll taxes on America’s democracy

Image Credit: Vox

By Mary-Kate Mahaney

The Progressive Teen Contributor

AN ESTIMATED 1.6 MILLION PEOPLE in Florida could not vote until this year due to a Florida law dating back to 1868. The law disenfranchised former convicts, but it was truly intended to restrict a newly freed African-American population from voting as a part of the state’s Black Codes. In 2011, the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition began a grassroots campaign to restore voting rights to former convicts through proposed Amendment 4. This amendment gives former felons, excluding those convicted of murder and sexual offenses, the right to vote. By 2017, the cause gained so much momentum…

Mary-Kate Mahaney

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