If your website doesn’t change that often and all the features you need can be implemented with a static site, then there is no point building a bulky dynamic site. After all static sites are fast, simple, costs low, easier to scale and more secure.

Being said that, sometimes we need some features that a static sites can’t offer. Getting data from a contact form is one of them. But there’s a very easy way to do that.

In this tutorial we will learn how to use google sheet as a backend to store the data submitted from a contact…

There has been a drastic rise of using virtual cloud servers to host apps. And a lot of developers implement CI/CD. It makes the deployment in the cloud easy and fast.

A lot of apps no longer use FTPs or traditional shared hosting anymore. But there are still many of us who host their apps in shared hosting, because the app is simple and the cost is low as well. Today we’ll learn how to automatically deploy our code to shared hosting via FTP whenever something is pushed to bitbucket.

Bitbucket has an integrated CI/CD service called Bitbucket Pipelines that…

Milan Maharjan

Software Developer based in Kathmandu, Nepal

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