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The coronavirus cases are increasing at a very high rate every day. There are many cities and countries in lockdown while many have declared national emergencies and requesting people to perform self-isolation and quarantine as an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. While healthcare professionals are working days and nights to help the patients suffering from the virus, a significant population of many countries are practicing work from home and self-isolation. Rather than going crazy being inside our home doing nothing, we all should make ourselves more productive. …

If you are a developer, at some point, you have faced situations where the development of new features is not ready for production, but the QA and internal business folks already need to see it. That’s when you flag your features in code so that it can be easily turned on/off as you go. To handle these we are tempted to create our own feature flagging tool in our code. That is what I would try to do too. …

This docker architecture will create a continuous integration and deployment pipeline using GitHub for code repository, DockerHub for Docker image repository and Azure for deploying the app through Docker containers.

After the whole setup, you will be able to make code changes. Once you push the changes to GitHub to the branches you have created, it will automatically be deployed to Azure.


If you are asking why Azure instead of AWS or GCloud, I feel you. As many developers working on their personal projects, we rely on free subscriptions and free credits. For me, I had more credits with…

Sujil Maharjan

I am a full stack developer at Knowledgent, Part of Accenture, based out of Greater New York City Area, who loves rapid prototyping ideas into real-life.

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