It is the bread that is consumed at almost all Egyptian meals. The local bread is a form of hearty, thick, gluttonous pita called Eish Baladi (Egyptian Arabic).

Egyptian Pita Bran Bread

The word Eish means “to live, be alive, life, way of living, livelihood”. In Modern Standard and Classical Arabic; folklore holds that this synonymy indicates the centrality of bread to Egyptians and their lives.

Besides providing the carbohydrate and much of the protein in the Egyptian diet, on a culinary level, bread in Egypt is most commonly used as an edible utensil. …

Almost five thousand years ago, ancient Egyptians left evidence of their love for food. Wall paintings and carvings discovered on tombs and temples showed large feasts and a wide variety of foods. Many bowls filled with different kinds of dried seeds were also found in those tombs. Most of these ancient foods are still eaten in Egyptian households today.

An ancient Egyptian hieroglyph depicting a recipe for baking bread.

Popular fruits and vegetables in ancient Egypt were: peas, beans, cucumbers, dates, figs, and grapes. Wheat and barley were ancient staple crops that were used to make bread and beer. Fish and poultry were also popular. …

Maha’s is named after our beautiful mother and Head Chef, Maha Barsoom. Food is a huge part of Egyptian culture, and our mother always dreamed of opening her own little Egyptian restaurant.

In order from left to right: Maha, her son Mark and daughter Monika. David Laurence | NOW Toronto

My brother Mark and myself, Monika, were spoiled from a very young age with cuisine that was always fresh and homemade. We come from a large family, who celebrated every occasion with communal meals. The women in our family are exceptional cooks, and our celebrations continually shifted from one home to another. We feasted for any reason; food always brought us together.

Our family immigrated to Toronto, Canada…

Maha's Brunch

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