Windows 10 is the best Windows yet, which is why I’m getting a Mac.

Like everyone, my time is precious. There is little room for spontaneity or slack time. Doing one thing means something else is neglected.

So, When my wife decided we needed to take our one-year-old to the park to wear him out before bed I decided I would stay behind and keep working on this new app concept we have been talking about for years and just finally started coding.

I leave my computer (a Dell 2 in 1 that has its own nightmare origin story) for two minutes to help her ready the stroller and return to find…

I was never aware an update was due. I was never asked if I wanted to update at all much less right this minute.

Suddenly, the small block of time I had slotted to set up my JSON parsing callbacks was pulled out from under me. I could have been spending time with my wife and son and instead I’m spending time in blue screen purgatory… I’m done.

I have been conscientious objector of apple products since they become trendy in the oughties. Finally, after much bad luck with android phones I acquiesced to the iPhone and will never go back. It has one big thing going for it: when I need to use a smartphone for a smartphone task I remove it from my pocket, perform the task competently and then put it away.

Pretty basic right? That’s an experience I have never had with an android phone. And it’s a an experience I seldom have with a Windows PC.

Nevertheless, I always had justifications: I’m a geek. I like to have control over the organization and configuration of my devices and their data. I don’t like apples closed ecosystem out of principle. I don’t like apple telling me where my photos should go etc.

These are still true but now I have a greater concern: time. When I carve out time to do some work I would really like to sit down and have it just work.

When I read articles about how the new Dell XPS 13 or Samsung S7 has better specs then the equivalent from Apple I ask myself how much that matters if the real experience of owning one is this: