Grammarly, The All In One Writing Software (With Proof)!

Modernization has brought us into a new era. Writing is now not limited to pen and papers. From a student to a web developer, writing got a new dimension. Things are now available in soft copy, instead of paper. You never wish to show your mistakes to your reader. It may be even an email!

While writing anything that are the qualities you focus most?

• Grammar error

• Plagiarism

There are a lot of web tools online for checking your writing’s error and plagiarism. Sad, but true I found them mostly useless and incomplete. Last year I found Grammarly as a reference from one of my client. He suggested me that it could be a perfect tool for me while writing. I installed it and used the free version. I was amazed at its performance and convinced enough to buy the premium one.

Why Grammarly is an all in one writing tool?

Grammatical error and Plagiarism can make your writing a useless thing. Suppose you are an email to your client. What if he/ she found your mistakes? Remember, the first impression is a great thing. You can lose your image just because of your silly grammatical mistakes.

Let’s check what happened when I was writing this article?

It’s the rough copy of my writing (this article). It sorts out all the issues. And suggested me the solutions.

Here, is the score out of hundred. So that, you can judge your article well.

Let’s check, after copying a line from any other website, what it shows. (For plagiarism checking)

I have developed my writing much through it. They have very user-friendly options. Extension for browsers, word file extensions, and Windows tool are available. You can choose all of them even!

My google chrome Grammarly extension:

After all the correction, my writing got this look: (check out the score!)

How to get Grammarly?

Grammarly offers both free and premium version. The free version is limited in some features. In the premium account, you will be able to use all the features including correction of the advanced errors. Here is the pricing for premium version:

Click here to get the free version or the premium version.

Writing something is always sensitive. No matter how literate you are. There might have some mistakes while writing something on the keyboard. Writing through keyboard was never so easier. Mistakes happen even for experts. So grab your one today!