How to Secure Autonomous Vehicles with Blockchain and Black Cloud?

Autonomous vehicles are completely dependent on connected software for all aspects of their operation making them vulnerable to a broad spectrum of cybersecurity attacks. As we see in the news every day, even well-established sectors like the financial industry and government agencies are still struggling to deal with the same issues. The automotive industry will have to leapfrog existing approaches to cybersecurity to ensure that all existing threats are mitigated but also that future “unknown” threats are prevented. Automotive cybersecurity is much more than ransom, data breach, stolen personal records, etc. — it is about the safety of our lives!

The combination of “Black Cloud” and Blockchain technology creates a system that is very lightweight and scalable, and yet has the ability to create secure enclaves within vehicle architecture when required.

With cyber attacks on the rise, cybersecurity has become one of the most important focal points for the automotive industry. A disruptive approach must be incorporated to battle the threat of cybersecurity attacks that are becoming more sophisticated each day. With the Blockchain combined with Software Defined Perimeter also known as “Black Cloud”, OEMs will have a unique solution that can empower the global automotive industry to secure connected cars to fully autonomous cars with confidence.

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