7: The Magical Number For Germans!

Germany crowned champions of the world a few days ago in Brazil, which is their 4th championship in history.

Today I found a text in Persian on a Facebook page which was interesting and it was about the magic of the number 7 in Germany’s presence in this World Cup. Let’s see together:

  • The first letter of “Germany” is G which is the 7th letter in English alphabets.
  • The word “Germany” consists of 7 letters.
  • Germany were in Group G of the World Cup, the 7th group in fact!
  • Germany advanced to the playoffs round with a total points of 7.
  • Germany scored 7 goals in the group stage.
  • Do you remember Brazil vs Germany match? Germany scored 7 goals against Brazil.
  • Germany vs Brazil match held in July which is the 7th. Month in the calendar.
  • Germany scored their championship goal against Argentia on 113th minute; 7 minutes remaining until the end of extra time. It was a Sunday, the 7th day of the week ;-)
  • Gotze scored for Germany; another ‘G’!
  • Sum of 2014 digits is 7.

Do you agree that 7 was the lucky number for Germans?!