The 1st IRNOG Meeting

Shahin Gharghi is speaking as the organizer of the 1st IRNOG Meeting

The first IRNOG (IRANNOG) Meeting finally held on 24th May, 2017 in Payam Conference Hall in Tehran, Iran.

NOG (Network Operators Group) meetings are popular among technical communities all around the world and different versions of it are held locally or regionally everywhere.

The closest regional event to this has been MENOG so far which always have some participants from Iran.

Shahin Gharghi, the organizer of the event, expressed his optimism in the inauguration speech that the technical community would be able to hold IRNOG meeting more than once a year.

More than 200 participants attended the 1st IRNOG Meeting

Several speakers presented during the event that I’ve tried to briefly explain here (Slides of all talks [Some in Persian and some in English] are available on website):

  • Shahab Vahabzadeh was the first speaker who gave some updates about the status of IXPs in the world and in Iran. He noted that we have currently 6 active IXs in Iran.
  • Reza Mahmoudi’s presentation was about Policy and Charging Control and introduced different solutions that are currently utilized by network operations in developed and under-develop countries.
  • Milad Afshari was the next speaker who talked about IPv4 and IPv6 and their current deployment statuses in Iran and the rest of the world.
  • Omid Kosari gave an interesting presentation about Removing Unwanted Traffic and how to protect networks against attacks like DDoS and Reflection/Amplification.
  • Meyssam Rahmatian’s presentation was an introduction to RIPE ATLAS and how it measures the Internet connectivity and reachability.
  • And finally, Mohammad Khatibi was the last speaker of the 1st IRNOG Meeting who talked about the status of NOG meetings in the world.

Although this short 5 hours meeting was more kind of a warmup for the upcoming meetings, the quality and technical atmosphere of the event was amazing and I hope to see more IRNOG and similar local events in the future.