The full process of designing a scheduling system for CollegeVine

CollegeVine Sessions


At Collegevine, we help high school students with their college admissions by providing them with virtual guidance and mentorship.

We currently employ over 600 college and grad students to work with us as consultants, mentors, and tutors to help high school students with their college admissions process.

To give you a little more context, these are the types of users we have:

1: High school students (Collegevine’s clients) are often stressed at the time leading up to submitting school applications due to the complexity and sensitivity of the admission process.

2: Our college consultants, on the other hand, are usually organized and…

Criticizing the UX/Usability & UI of the iOS App

A few weeks ago I was in the process of an interview with a design agency in NY (Yeah boss, I was looking for another job. Oops 🙄)and they asked me to criticize the usability and visual design of InVision.

I had the freedom on which part of the product to criticize and I choose the mobile app for iOS because I saw a few things in it that got on my nerves!

Warning: If you’re part the team behind InVision, please don’t hate me, I published it here hoping this will help you improve the app in a way…

How I thought I was designing something totally new, and how I was so wrong about that.

Hi, My name is Mahdi. I’m a Product Designer, and I work at an amazing company called NGTI located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where we work on a product called Swisscom iO.

Swisscom iO, is a chatting app which combines the features of WhatsApp & Skype; You can use it to chat and to make local and international calls.

In this article I’ll be explaining everything in full details behind a new feature I was responsible of designing it’s user experience, interface & interactions.

Get a cup of coffee & sit tight because this is going to be a bit…

Mahdi Farra

A product and UX design lead with over 15 years of experience building thoughtful and engaging products across the world.

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