Google celebrates 19th birthday with 19 games

GOOGLE, the biggest search company was created in a garage by two students. Google is celebrating its 19th birthday with a Doodle that features 19 “surprises,” ranging from games to quizzes and interactive music lessons.

The company is now 19 years old (or is it?) and so has a huge set of entertaining and time-wasting little animations to play through. So it has selected the best of recent years and collected them all into the meta-Doodle, which lets people use a spinner to find which of the Doodles to play.

Using the Doodle is simple enough: you head to the Google homepage, click on the spinner, and opt either to play the option you’ve been given or have another go. But read on, because there’s a major catch.

As part of its birthday bash the search engine is launching a version of the classic game snake. The game will be applicable through its birthday surprise spinner.

Pac Man: One of the huge games and greatest Doodles, this is also the oldest on the list. It’s such a typical that you don’t even need to use the link — instead, you can just search “Pac Man”. And if you do, you’ll get all the pleasures you expect — a fully and absolutely recreated version of the classic game, right in your Google results…read more