My journey to becoming a web developer from scratch without a CS degree (and what I learned from it…
Sergei Garcia

Hi Sergei, this is a very well written blog. I have a Computer Engineering background worked for a Networking company and Lost My job last week. I worked as a QA Engineer I am familiar with Selenium, I know HTML and CSS pretty well Just started reading Eloquent JS, I finished Javascript and jQuery tutorials on CodeSchool. What I don’t know is the Advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript and JavaScript Frameworks such as Node, React, Angular etc. I have a 3 month transition period to find a new Job and I want to use this transition period to change tracks and become a Web Developer.

My Question to you is..

  1. When you decided to become a web developer what Projects did you build and how did you use them during your interviews? I can go through the Materials that you mentioned but once I know certain frameworks/libraries what do I build that stands out and helps me get a job?
  2. Can you talk about your Interview Experiences? What are the common and unique questions/problem solving skills one should have?
  3. Is 3 months enough time to make this transition? I know this is relative.. but still Is it enough time to change gears and confidently crack interviews?

Thanks again for Putting all the Information Together. This is very well written.

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