Don’t Lose Your Money To Overseas SEO Scammers

I have been working in SEO for a lot of years now, yet every day when I check my emails, I seem to get a regular batch of a particular type of message coming in from overseas companies.

They want to sell “me” SEO services, a guy who does SEO for himself and hundreds of other clients.

The usual thing I do is delete them, but I got one yesterday that made me pull it back out of the trash bin as I really wanted to go over it with you today.

The reason is that a lot of people believe what is in these emails, which at the end of the day are no more than a scam, and a way to take your money.

Not only that, business owners think that whatever SEO tasks that these people say they will be doing will help their site out.

I took a screenshot of the email I am talking about which you can read in full below.

I want to share with you why you should delete these emails right away, never reply to them, and most importantly don’t believe what they say; my following advice will save you time, money, and a headache.

1. They Get You Through Scare Tactics

This particular email didn’t use a scare tactic in it, but there have been numerous others that I have seen that did.

These so-called search engine optimization experts will tell you things like that they have gone through and done an audit on your site and quote, “you’re going to need an expert to jump in and make these changes before your site experiences more significant drops.”

First of all, these people have no idea what you are even currently ranking for let alone what your rankings fluctuations have even been.

These are just canned emails trying to get you to believe that you better act now before your site drops even further in the SERPS.

Doing a proper analysis of a website takes hours of detailed and thorough research both On-page and Off-page which these people never do, nor do they even know how to do either.

2. Optimizing X Number Of Keywords

The big problem a lot of “black hat” SEOs do these days is that they advertise that they will optimize an actual specific number of keywords for your site, such as this email did where he mentioned 15 keywords.

This gets me everytime I read something like this. Look, this is old school mentality in a new age content world.

Proper on page optimization of your website isn’t about getting you better rankings for 5, 15, or 50 keywords — it’s about getting you traffic from hundreds and thousands of keywords, naturally and organically.

The point of doing content marketing in that we create blog posts for our client’s sites is the fact that we want them to rank for as many keywords under the sun as possible.

Why would you want someone to restrict or limit your website to ranking or to optimize for such limited number of terms? That’s not how proper SEO works.

3. They Will Cause Your Site Massive Damage

Take a look at the laundry list of things they will do for you in the sample email, from social bookmarking to article submissions.

A really bad one is where he says 5 web 2.0 submissions using pre-written articles, which pretty much this means duplicated-spun content.

The thing you have to take away from this point is that nearly all of the sites that these people may be submitting your site to are low quality, spammy sites, which search engines like Google, see no value in.

Think of it this way, a site like is a powerhouse. The reason is that there is a ton of traffic, a lot of engagement, and plenty of social sharing and activity.

Getting a backlink from a site like this is what you want, as its powerful, trustworthy, and authoritative.

But when you read the stuff these spammers want to do with your site, its down right scary.

Imagine now getting backlinks from low-quality sites, which have no engagement, little to no traffic and zero social sharing. If you and I can see this, Google can see this easily too.

4. Nothing Is Done That Involves Visitor Engagement Nor Brand Building

I am going to reiterate that search engine optimization, and especially the way we do SEO here at 3Seven7 Studios goes beyond the traditional SEO that many others do.

Search engines like Google pride themselves on high-quality results and the best experience for their users and visitors of their products, like Google Maps and Google Search.

Just imagine what would happen to Google if all of a sudden they were providing their visitors with useless, irrelevant, and spammy search results.

You guessed it, no one would use their search engine anymore.

And that’s what I especially pride myself on is the fact that when you do any type of work On-page or Off-page, you have to think of the end user all of the time.

You have to know and understand what type of user experience you will be giving them in order to increase your site’s user engagement levels.

This could mean what kind of articles they may read on your blog or the type of articles we create for our clients when we get them guest posting opportunities.

Nothing that these spammy SEO overseas companies do talk about the user experience. Plain and simple they are not adding anything of value to you nor to your visitors.

5. You WILL Waste Your Money

At the end of the day, you are doing your best to look after your business and the livelihood of your employees.

And it’s fair that you want to weigh out your options for an SEO company that says that they will provide you link building services.

Keep this in your mind though at all times — is the link building that is being done for your business, going to add any ROI for your company?

The answer with these fake companies is no it’s not, and you are simply going to be wasting and throwing away your money.

Instead, you want to find someone who can take your investment (and yes, SEO is an investment into your business) and use that to better the overall health of your entire digital marketing program.

By thinking that if you spend a few hundred dollars on these companies you are going to get anything back is ludicrous.

All you will see is reports of backlinks being built on low-value sites, that absolutely do nothing to move the needle on your rankings.

At the same time, doing nothing to get people to convert from visitors to customers on your website.

And you will never get to have that connection with your audience on social media and through email marketing.

Final Thoughts

If you want to do yourself a favor, simply delete these emails.

As I have shown you today, digital media marketing is way more than garbage link building. This is not the early 2000’s when you could get rankings simply by have exact match anchor text.

Your marketing needs to encompass the entire digital media strategy, as this is the only way actually to build up an audience.

It costs you more money to get a new customer that will only pay you once, vs. build a relationship with a customer that will stay with you forever and keep buying from you.

So when you are looking at your online marketing, it’s best to do it the right way for the long haul rather than trying to find a quick solution that will end up harming you worse and causing your business damage in the end.

Tell me a time you got an email like this, what did it say and what did you do? Leave your reply in the comments section below.

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