Why Perfection Is Costing You A Fortune

Perfect. Perfection. Perfectionist.

Have you ever been called one of these, or even called yourself that?

It is only natural to want to do the very best for your business. You never want to put out terrible products and useless services.

I have been down this road many times. When I first started blogging, I ended up waiting years for the perfect time to launch.

Thinking I just wasn’t ready, and that I did not have enough training to execute properly.

Over the years though it became more and more apparent that I was going down the wrong road. Thinking I was doing myself and my company good, I was doing more harm by waiting for the perfect time.

Moreover, I see this in many people today. Business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, all waiting for that perfect moment to launch a product, start their business, quit their jobs, and just do what they always dreamed of doing.

The fear holding them back, failure knocking on their door, thoughts of rejection on their minds.

So below are 4 points which you need to start taking heed to if you ever want to truly reach your highest levels of success in your life, in your career, and in your business.

1. Who Said Perfection Exists Anyway

Where out there in the world does it say that something has to be a certain way before you can make a move?

In our very own heads, that’s where.

We have developed this mentality that we need things to be perfect before people will buy a product from us, use our services, and take us seriously.

Ask yourself this right now, do you have this mentality in your head which is preventing you from taking that next step forward?

The first thing you have to realize is that if you want to achieve your goals, you have to get rid of the thought of perfection psychologically.

You have to stop going through life thinking that things have to be perfect. For many people, the number one killer of their momentum is because they have this mindset that is holding them back.

Once I got rid of this thought process, I was able to not only get more things done, but got more projects done to completion, and was able to profit from the fruits of my labor.

So once you get rid of this thinking too, it will also allow you to see the world in a better and greater light.

2. It Does Not Allow You To Make Any Money

Let’s say you are running a SaaS business and you are pouring your heart and soul into the software to make it the best it can be.

The only problem is, you continue to put time into R&D, keep tweaking, trying to make changes, but the one thing that you do not ever do is release the product to the public.

How do you think that this new fantastic, excellent piece of software that is going to help so many people can ever be utilized if you do not get it to market?

Don’t you think that instead of trying to be perfect, you should be focusing more on getting it into the hands of the people as fast as possible; this should be your priority #1.

You have spent so much money in your business developing your product, so now it’s time to get it to market so people can finally pay you for all of your hard work.

Every single day that you are not getting whatever you are selling to the marketplace is another day you are not allowing the people to open up their wallets and give you their money.

That way you can get some ROI back to your investors, put money in your pocket, and live your dream out.

3. The Marketplace Wanted Something Different Than What You Offered

When we create something, we have this vision of the users of our products and services using it a certain way.

The problem is, however, if you do not take action fast enough and get it into other people’s hands, then you will not know what it is they do not like, they want different, and need to be changed.

Sticking to the software example, the most important step is listening to the marketplace to tell you what is right or wrong with it once it gets into the consumer’s hands.

Think of it as what I call push back. It’s where the consumers, your audience, your buyers push back the product with their opinions of it, good or bad.

Without you getting push back, you do not know if people like what you did, and if they did not, you would not know what you need to fix.

In anything in life, you can only assume so far ahead of how people will use what you offer them, that last part cannot be known without you giving it to them.

4. Figure It Out Along The Way

When a baby first learns to walk, they do not worry about what foot to put in front of the other, or the timing of their movements, they just walk!

And that’s how you should be acting in life and in business. You should be able to allow yourself to fail and learn as you go.

When you try to be perfect all of the time, you are avoiding failure. You do not realize that failure is your biggest ally in life.

Failure allows you to know what not to do next time so that you can do the right thing going forward, so you can improve yourself, your product, your service, and your business.

It’s those errors and mistakes that allow you to learn along the way to continually get better, while at the same time making forward progress.

Perfection is not going to make you better, it is going to make you worse, and that’s why just taking action is much more important than getting it right.


Ask yourself what do you want in life. If you want it so bad, then go for it, and forget about the perfect timing, because the best time is now.

Nothing will happen to make the time perfect because this is life, there are going to always be interruptions, people banging on your door, emails coming through, phone going to ring, the mail is going to come in with the bills

If you always try to be perfect, then you will never achieve the dreams you have always wanted to achieve, and you will never be happy.

The situation and not even the circumstances are holding you back, it is you, but there is hope, and that hope is that you can just put your foot forward, take that first step and take action right now.

Ok so now it’s your turn, leave a message in the comment section below telling me what you have been trying to get perfect, and what you are going to do right now to finally get it out to market.