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Awesome Inventions + Follow

Awesome Inventions


About Blog — Awesome Inventions brings you the coolest, weirdest, funniest, smartest inventions on the planet. Possibly the worlds most addictive online mall. Browse through loads of awesome geeky gifts and gadgets!
Frequency — about 6 posts per week

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2,587,485 10,970 5,794 2

IPWatchdog + Follow


Leesburg, VA

About Blog — Recognized as one of the leading sources for news and information in the patent and innovation industry, this resource serves as the everyday inventor’s liaison for the Intellectual Property industry. In 2014, the company was announced to be the top “IP” blog on the Internet for three years in a row! You can’t beat the combo of solid credentials and regular, content rich posts.
Frequency — about 25 posts per week

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3,679 11,912 75,603 3

Inventor Spot+ Follow

Inventor Spot


About Blog — Want to know about the latest inventions, innovations and interesting ideas? is the most popular invention website in the world. We try to inform and inspire the inventor in all of us. See cool gadgets and new products. Get help for your invention ideas.
Frequency — about 3 posts per week

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6,406 1,735 247,069 4

Google News | Invention + Follow

Google News | Invention

About Blog — Comprehensive up-to-date news coverage on invention, aggregated from sources all over the world by Google News.
Frequency — about 14 posts per week

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21,805,150 212,811 1 5

Reddit | Inventions+ Follow

Reddit | Inventions

About Blog — Reddit feed for interesting inventions you have seen.
Frequency — about 9 posts per week

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1,077,257 463,463 23 6

Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation + Follow

Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation

Washington, D.C.

About Blog — Welcome to our blog, where you will find our latest musings on how invention and innovation past, present, and future influence our lives.

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2,499 2,563 6,809 7

Edison Nation+ Follow

Edison Nation


About Blog — Reporting on invention and patent news, inventors, idea people, and their inventions.
Frequency — about 2 posts per week

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8,291 7,736 603,450 8

PreScouter+ Follow


Chicago, IL

About Blog — The PreScouter Journal is a relavant and informative blog site focused on providing the latest strategies, tactics, and inventions emerging from the current culture of innovation around the world.
Frequency — about 2 posts per week

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552 2,808 1,515,931 9

Inventors Digest+ Follow

Inventors Digest

Charlotte, N.C.

About Blog — Inventors Digest explores the intersection of business and innovation. The magazine, founded in 1985, is committed to educate and inspire its global audience of engineers, scientists, students, designers, marketers, mom-and-pop inventors. Topics range from new inventions on the market to Trade Show recaps to inspiring personal stories that inspired innovation and bright ideas to improve lives.

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5,214 2,251 1,946,294 10

Inventionland+ Follow


Pittsburgh, PA

About Blog — Inventionland is the World’s largest invention factory, where retailers, corporations and inventors come to innovative their products. We lead innovation so we can deliver a competitive advantage to our customers business. Innovation is delivered every day at Inventionland.
Frequency — about 1 posts per week

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4,089 8,703 241,563 11

Davison Inventions + Follow

Davison Inventions

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

About Blog — Davison’s Company Blog Featuring Inventor Advice, New Product & Invention News, and updates on Inventions & Products Designed by Davison.
Frequency — about 1 post per week

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10,092 14,259 305,708 12

InventHelp Blog+ Follow

InventHelp Blog


About Blog — The InventHelp company blog focuses on covering innovation topics and educating inventors in every stage of the invention process. Topics include: innovation prototyping, patenting, manufacturing, licensing, pitching, public relations, marketing, and business.

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27,296 1,554 421,043 13

Idea Champions+ Follow

Idea Champions

Woodstock, NY

About Blog — Idea Champions is a consulting and training company dedicated to awakening and nurturing the spirit of innovation. We help individuals, teams and entire organizations tap into their innate ability to create, develop and implement ideas that make a difference.
Frequency — about 3 posts per week

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3,254 563,764 14 Follow

Monroeville, PA

About Blog — InventionHome is an industry leader specializing in invention and product licensing helping inventors patent, protect, market and license Inventions for royalties.
Frequency — about 1 posts per week

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7,096 2,194 712,101 15

Idea to Value+ Follow

Idea to Value


About Blog — As one of the most regularly updated blogs on our list, you’ll find new thought-provoking articles every couple of days written by experts in the field of innovation. The community for creativity and innovation.
Frequency — about 3 posts per week

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1,558 9,221 984,758 16

The Creativity Guru+ Follow

The Creativity Guru

About Blog — Your Source for the Science of Creativity, Innovation, and Learning by keith sawyer. his blog articles feature many ideas and concepts highlighted from his books, like the 8 Steps in the Creative process or 100 ways to improve your creativity. If you’re itching to invent something great, but haven’t yet dreamed up your brilliant idea, you’ll definitely want to browse this blog.

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2,033 2,159,578 17

One Stop Invention + Follow

One Stop Invention

About Blog — One Stop Invention is helping inventors and new product entrepreneurs bring their products to market. Don Debelak is an invention expert and author who currently runs the One Stop Invention Shop.
Frequency — about 1 posts per week

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122 60 2,556,856 18

Lemelson Foundation+ Follow

Lemelson Foundation

Portland, OR

About Blog — The Lemelson Foundation uses the power of invention to improve lives, by inspiring and enabling the next generation of inventors and invention-based enterprises to promote economic growth in the US, and social and economic progress for the poor in developing countries. i

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1,419 2,346 2,536,643 19

Lightning Launch+ Follow

Lightning Launch

About Blog — Lightning Launch is designed to be the most inventor-centric product development, licensing, and distribution firm in the world.

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4,084 435 3,084,757 20

Lonestar Patent Services+ Follow

Lonestar Patent Services

Irving, Texas (Las Colinas)

About Blog — Learn more about the invention development process and patent news through Lonestar’s Invention and Patent blog.
Frequency — about 1 post per week

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543 7,516,121 21

Inventors Society of South Florida+ Follow

Inventors Society of South Florida


About Blog — The Inventors Society of South Florida is a 501 ©(3) organization dedicated to the advancement of the independent inventor through the use of education, Motivation and collaborative support.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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267 600 8,594,460 22

The Patent Search Blog+ Follow

The Patent Search Blog

About Blog — Stephen van Dulken’s blog on invention and design.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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9,898,218 23

RC Product Developement Group+ Follow

RC Product Developement Group

Flint, MI

About Blog — Bringing ideas from concept to creation. A product development company helping inventors and companies with the services needed to bring innovative products to market.
Frequency — about 1 post per week

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956 24

Invention Design+ Follow

Invention Design

About Blog — Idea Design Studio is an invention design & prototyping company that helps amateur inventors create new & exciting products. Follow us for cool invention news. Idea Design Studio is committed to helping men and women who desire to see their inventions prosper.
Frequency — about 1 posts per week

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6,493 4,212 25

Open Innovation + Follow

Open Innovation

About Blog — The latest news, research, discussion & application of open innovation

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1,198,949 26

Invention Ideas+ Follow

Invention Ideas

San Francisco, CA

About Blog — Invention Ideas is a inventors community for sharing invention advice and help for getting a patent for your invention idea.

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1,876 3,689 1,995,128 27

Filipino Discoveries + Follow

Filipino Discoveries



About Blog — Featuring the innovations, discoveries, inventions and products created by the brilliant minds of Filipinos.

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541 28

Octrooifabriek Patents And Innovation+ Follow

Octrooifabriek Patents And Innovation

Enschede, the Netherlands

About Blog — A blog abot Patents And Innovation by Hendrik de Lange. Octrooifabriek believes that innovation is the powerful key to a more prosperous world.

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811 29

The Inventor Education+ Follow

The Inventor Education

About Blog — A blog about inventors, patenting, funding inventions, licensing inventions, and inventing by Mark reyland.

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Awesome Inventions+ Follow

Awesome Inventions

About Blog — Featuring awesome innovative products to the absolutely ridiculous, Awesome Inventions has it all!

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