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Urban Sketchers+ Follow

Urban Sketchers

About Blog — Urban Sketchers are an all-volunteer nonprofit dedicated to fostering a global community of artists who practice on-location drawing. Our mission is to raise the artistic, storytelling and educational value of on-location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel.
Frequency — about 18 posts per week

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88,870 10,649 286,752 2

Reddit | Watercolor+ Follow

Reddit | Watercolor

San Francisco, CA

About Blog — A place for everything to do with watercolor painting. Submit your current paintings, give and receive critiques. Post resources such as tutorials, ask questions, learn about and the art of watercolor!
Frequency — about 82 posts per week

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1,078,309 464,149 23 3

Google News | Watercolor+ Follow

Google News | Watercolor

Mountain View, CA

About Blog — Comprehensive up-to-date coverage for watercolor, aggregated from news sources all over the world by Google News.
Frequency — about 3 posts per week

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21,820,210 212,791 1 4

Painting the Watercolor+ Follow

Painting the Watercolor

About Blog — Follow her blog to keep up with interesting links to artists who work with this technique, Events related to watercolor, Watercolor Techniques explained through videos, Analysis and presentation of watercolor books and magazines and Links to pages around the world related to watercolor.

Frequency — about 4 posts per week

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9,260,776 5

Citizen Sketcher+ Follow

Citizen Sketcher

Montreal QC CA

About Blog — Marc Taro Holmes an artist is an author of The Urban Sketcher: Techniques for Seeing and Drawing on Location (2014), from North Light Books. As well, he is the instructor of two online classes in location sketching (2014/15) available from
Frequency — about 4 posts per week

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1,573 1,249,821 6

A Painting A Day Blog ~ Andy Smith+ Follow

A Painting A Day Blog ~ Andy Smith

Lititz, Pennsylvania

About Blog — Andy Smith a full-time Watercolor Artist, watercolor teacher from Lititz Pennsylvania. Andy has specialized in watercolors. He uses transparent watercolors, painted in a series of washes to build color, creating shadows and a very strong use of light.
Frequency — about 4 posts per week

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24 17 7

Nora MacPhail — Artist+ Follow

Nora MacPhail - Artist

Toronto, Canada

About Blog — Nora’s paintings capture a moment in time with lively gestural lines and lots of watercolour paint!
Frequency — about 3 posts per week

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Saint Louis Watercolor Society+ Follow

Saint Louis Watercolor Society

Webster Groves, MO

About Blog — The Saint Louis Watercolor Society was formed in 1996 by a small group of dedicated, visionary artists for the purpose of providing educational opportunities to artists interested in watermedia, and to exhibit watermedia artwork to the public.
Frequency — about 2 posts per week

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13 9

Artists of India+ Follow

Artists of India

About Blog — A group blog by some very talented Indian Artists focusing on Watercolor paintings.
Frequency — about 1 posts per week

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23,175,575 10

Watercolor by Osamu+ Follow

Watercolor by Osamu

Los Angeles, CA. USA

About Blog — Watercolor paintings by Osamu.
Frequency — about 1 posts per week

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197 11

ArtistDaily — Watercolor Painting + Follow

ArtistDaily – Watercolor Painting

New York, NY

About Blog — Here you will find all things watercolor painting on Artist Daily, from technique blogs to inspirational work being done by the best contemporary painters practicing today. Explore this mercurial medium and enjoy!

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328,966 44,364 251,449 12

Jane Blundell+ Follow

Jane Blundell


About Blog — Jane Blundell a watercolour artist, passionate about colour.
 She have been painting professionally for over 30 years and love to share her discoveries. You can see more of her work along with tutorials on

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1,564 1,850,881 13

Brenda Swenson+ Follow

Brenda Swenson

About Blog — Brenda Swenson a Watercolor Artist is the artist author of two books, Keeping a Watercolor Sketchbook (Award of Excellence Finalist) and Steps to Success in Watercolor. Her paintings and sketches have been featured in Splash 11,12, & 14, Artistic Touch 4, Watercolor Magazine, Watercolor Artist, Watercolor Highlights, Quarterly Magazine, Wheels of Time and numerous other publications.
Frequency — about 1 post per week

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15,575 3,435,481 14

Stillman & Birn+ Follow

Stillman & Birn

Fairfield, New Jersey

About Blog — An illustration of ink and Watercolor by Stillman & Birn.
Frequency — about 2 posts per week

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7,308 1,190 3,219,067 15

Watercolor sketching+ Follow

Watercolor sketching

About Blog — Inspiration and information about a fresh quick and loose approach for watercolor by Anne-Laure. Follow this blog to keep up with her daily sketches, urban Sketcher work, useful links, tips & demos.
Frequency — about 1 posts per week

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828 4,692,035 16

Frank Eber — Watercolor painting is my refuge, watercolor painting is my life! + Follow

Frank Eber - Watercolor painting is my refuge, watercolor painting is my life!


About Blog — Fine art in watercolor, oil, and other media by Frank Eber.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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5,520,205 17

Watercolor and Words+ Follow

Watercolor and Words

United States

About Blog — Paintings in Watercolor by Rhonda Carpenter.
Frequency — about 3 posts per week

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7,365,314 18

The Watercolour Log+ Follow

The Watercolour Log

United Kingdom

About Blog — Peter Ward’s attempt to become a good artist painting in watercolour, experiences along the way and discussion of all things connected with it.

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7,068,340 19

Life After Breakfast — Watercolor+ Follow

Life After Breakfast – Watercolor


About Blog — Alessandra Lanot an artist, crafter & pattern designer shares her watercolored illustrations turned into patterns for reproduction.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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10,639 2,818 8,513,731 20

Art Of Watercolor+ Follow

Art Of Watercolor

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

About Blog — Watercolor painting, workshops and links by watercolor artist Konstantin Sterkhov.

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3,020 8,092,285 21

David Tripp+ Follow

David Tripp

Arlington, Texas

About Blog — David Tripp’s Watercolor Wanderings and Recollections.
Frequency — about 2 posts per week

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68 9,699,217 22

Leslie White+ Follow

Leslie White

About Blog — Leslie White enjoys painting in watercolor and drawing in graphite. She teaches watercolor and drawing classes at Neighborhood Connection.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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10,429,892 23

Carol Carter+ Follow

Carol Carter


About Blog — Carol Carter a watercolor artist, painting my whole life- watercolor especially.

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124,818 10,648,710 24

Birgit O’Connor Watercolor+ Follow

Birgit O'Connor Watercolor

United States

About Blog — Watercolor is my passion, I am thrilled to share what I do with others through my online workshops, traveling workshops, DVDs and Books — Birgit O’Connor
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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4,865 11,254,959 25

Carol King+ Follow

Carol King

About Blog — Drawing, painting, watercolors, painting, decorative arts by Carol King.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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24 11,664,031 26

Ian Ramsay Watercolors+ Follow

Ian Ramsay Watercolors


About Blog — In 1979 Ian left architecture to become a full time watercolor artist. Since that time he has traveled and painted extensively. His work has been exhibited all over the US, Japan and Britain. Ian has participated in many juried, invitational and one man shows throughout the US & Japan. He has been an instructor at the Salt Lake Art Center and has done numerous demonstrations & painting workshops.
Frequency — about 2 posts per week

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15,246,531 27

Watercolours With Life+ Follow

Watercolours With Life


Hampshire UK

About Blog — International watercolorist Jean Haines SWA is well known for her passion for working in her favourite medium, watercolour. Jean is a member of the SWA, Society for Women Artists, and won the Anthony J Lester Award in 2009 during the SWA Annual Exhibition where her work was likened to Joseph Crawhalls from the famous Glasgow Boys.
Frequency — about 1 posts per week

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20,341 17,572 16,294,700 28

Hoffmann Watercolors+ Follow

Hoffmann Watercolors



About Blog — Tom Hoffmann is a painter, author and a workshop instructor. Watercolor has been Tom’s primary medium for forty years, and still, somehow, the medium manages to stay just beyond his grasp. He have been painting and also been teaching for years.
Frequency — about 2 posts per week

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1,994 18,415,752 29

Sally Meding Art & Blog | Tips and Tech for Watercolor Artists+ Follow

Sally Meding Art & Blog | Tips and Tech for Watercolor Artists

Boston, MA, USA

About Blog — Sally playfully abstract familiar everyday objects using a kaleidoscope of harmonious color.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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96 19,823,938 30

Lesia Binkin abstract watercolor art+ Follow

Lesia Binkin abstract watercolor art


About Blog — Watercolor abstarct and floral art by Lesia Binkin.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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333 19,293,626 31

Contemporary Realism+ Follow

Contemporary Realism

United States

About Blog — In her paintings, Jacqueline Gnott attempts to capture the significance and reality of one moment in time and to study what appear to be the mundane objects of life, to explore the minute details and to vividly express them on paper with the fluidity of paint.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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2,658 7 20,773,898 32

Terry’s Ink and Watercolor+ Follow

Terry's Ink and Watercolor

Lincoln, California

About Blog — A blog featuring ink and watercolor paintings and drawings.

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622 146 21,782,635 33

Ask Susie — Watercolor Q & A+ Follow

Ask Susie - Watercolor Q & A

Central Texas, United States

About Blog — Watercolor Artist and Instructor Susie Short replies to questions about watercolor painting, watercolor paints, watercolor papers, watercolor brushes, palettes, etc. Discussion includes basic to advanced watercolor techniques, terminology, color theory and color mixing.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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22,340,345 34

Laura’s Watercolors+ Follow

Laura's Watercolors

About Blog — Watercolor plein air, still life, flowers, animals, birds etc paintaings by Laura
Frequency — about 4 posts per week

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28,607,086 35

Woody’s Watercolor Blog+ Follow

Woody's Watercolor Blog

Sacramento, CA.

About Blog — Internationally recognized artist Woody Hansen, had a close relationship with watercolor painting for over fifty-five years. He is the recipient of numerous awards; the Gold Medal at the 1974 California State Fair, & the prestigious Bank of America award at the DeYoung Museum, San Francisco. He has taught watercolor classes & workshops, & demonstrated his watercolor technique for many organization
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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176 28,322,445 36

Dennis Pendleton+ Follow

Dennis Pendleton

Denver, CO

About Blog — Dennis Pendleton is a watercolor artist in Denver, Colorado. Dennis offers online Art Lesson videos about values, brushstrokes, mixing colors, and other great watercolor tips.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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28,993,238 37

Judy Mudd Blog+ Follow

Judy Mudd Blog

louisville, ky

About Blog — Watercolor is Judy’s medium of choice. There is nothing like the translucency, flow and blend of color that this medium offers. The majority of the time Judy has two or three paintings going at one time-usually landscapes, urban scenes or portraits with an occasional still life.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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1,105 414 38

Café Watercolor+ Follow

Café Watercolor

Redmond, WA

About Blog — Eric Yi Lin a Seattle based watercolor artist who’s striving for the perfect wash. He also teach watercolor through workshops, weekly newsletter/blog, and videos. Café Watercolor is a place where Eric can have personal connection with you who enjoy his art, sharing his story and watercolor knowledge.
Frequency — about 1 posts per week

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396 44 39

Watercolor Memories+ Follow

Watercolor Memories


About Blog — Watercolor Paintings by Kelly Mills.

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135 1,433 40

Lazywonderbrush+ Follow


Ontario, Canada

About Blog — Artist and illustrator, Olga Peregood guides you through a playful exploration into watercolor world as a tool and source of power.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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81 345 41

Federico Gemma + Follow

Federico Gemma

Roma, Italy

About Blog — Federico Gemma a Wildlife Artist is a member of Society of Wildlife Artists (swla). He has created designs for books, magazines, calendars, educational cards, explanatory panels and numerous publications naturalistic with various national and international organizations and associations.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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256 42

Watercolorings+ Follow


Lawrenceburg, IN

About Blog — This blog is Kathy Wirth’s way of sharing the painting experience with others.

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Herman Dewit+ Follow

Herman Dewit


About Blog — A Watercolor paintings blog by a passionate watercolorist and draftsman Herman Dewit.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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Rob Carey+ Follow

Rob Carey

California, United States

About Blog — A Waterbolor painting blog by Rob Carey.
Frequency — about 3 posts per week

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My Painting Journal+ Follow

My Painting Journal

Port Angeles, Washington

About Blog — Susan Liles a self taught artist. Art has always been her passion with interests in watercolor, pastel and oil painting. Her favorite subject is portraits in watercolor, which seems to be second nature to her. This blog was started to help her paint everyday and explore new subjects and develope her artistic skills.
Frequency — about 2 posts per week

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Kathy Los-Rathburn,+ Follow

Kathy Los-Rathburn,

Indiana, United States

About Blog — Kathy’s love for art and watercolor in particular, started when I was quite young. She love the challenge of being a “purist” with the medium and I use transparent watercolor. Nature scenes are her favorite to paint, especially the dunes and how they are continually changing.
Frequency — about 1 posts per week

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Karen Peikert’s Art+ Follow

Karen Peikert's Art

About Blog — Karen Peikert a self-taught Watercolorist who enjoy painting landscapes and portraits.
Frequency — about 1 posts per week

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Gil Zarins Watercolors+ Follow

Gil Zarins Watercolors

About Blog — Gil Zarins Watercolors — sketching and painting west palm beach florida and elsewhere.
Frequency — about 2 posts per week

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Annelein Beukenkamp Watercolors+ Follow

Annelein Beukenkamp Watercolors

About Blog — Annelein Beukenkamp a watercolor artist who have exhibited watercolors at various venues across the state, where she also teach watercolor workshops. She is an Associate Member of the New England Watercolor Society and a Signature Member of the Vermont Watercolor Society.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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Carol Jessen’s Watercolor World+ Follow

Carol Jessen's Watercolor World

Missouri, United States

About Blog — Impressionistic watercolors with tips on composition, techniques, values and color choices by Carol Jessen.

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Watercolor by Design+ Follow

Watercolor by Design

Michigan, United States

About Blog — A blog by Paula Fiebich, segregated to the world of watercolor in which she have received national & international recognition. Having won the Gold Medal of Honor in 2007 from the American Watercolor Society has put her on the radar. She have been published in Watercolor Artist Magazine & soon to be one of the contemporary watercolor artists.

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Art Instruction Blog — Watercolor Painting + Follow

Art Instruction Blog – Watercolor Painting

New York, USA

About Blog — The Art Instruction Blog by Ralph Serpe offers free art lessons on a variety of different mediums including oil painting,acrylic painting,watercolor, drawing and more.

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1,663 408,318 53

Lines and Colors — Watercolor and Gouache+ Follow

Lines and Colors - Watercolor and Gouache

Philadelphia, PA

About Blog — Charley Parker a plein air painter, webcomics artist, cartoonist, illustrator, web site designer and web animator living in the Philadelphia area is probably best known as the creator of Argon Zark!, the first ongoing comic created specifically for distribution on the Web.
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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4,642 1,518 359,606 54

Watercolor Misfit+ Follow

Watercolor Misfit

South Carolina, USA

About Blog — Watercolor Tips and Tidbits to Inspire Your Creativity by Carrie
Frequency — about 1 post per month

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1,925 263 2,671,366 55

Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society+ Follow

Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society

Cincinnati, Ohio

About Blog — Founded in 2002, the Society encourages the creation of watercolor at all skill levels and promotes interest, appreciation and enjoyment of watercolor and watermedia.

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22,244,663 56

Joseph Stoddard+ Follow


About Blog — Joseph Stoddard is a painter from Pasadena. His work was recently featured in the latest issue of The Art of Watercolor, a French art magazine as well as Studios magazine, and Watercolor Artist magazine.

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Watercolor+ Follow


Nagpur, India

About Blog — This blog has Vijay’s watercolor paintings. Vijay is a self taught Artist who have worked as a freelance illustrator for more than 40 years for magazines and dailies of national repute.

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Iain Stewart Watercolors+ Follow

Iain Stewart Watercolors

About Blog — A Watercolor blog by Watercolorist Iain stewart.

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17,587 22,650 59

Stephen J. Quirke+ Follow

Stephen J. Quirke

About Blog — Watercolour journeys by Stephen J. Quirke

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10,796,473 60

Artist’s Network — Watercolor Artist Blog+ Follow

Artist's Network – Watercolor Artist Blog

Cincinnati, Ohio

About Blog — Stay up to date on watercolor news, watercolor events and more — often a watercolor tutorial or two — with the editors of Watercolor Artist magazine from Artist’s Network.

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83,606 11,557 74,019 61

Watercolour Gallery Blog+ Follow

Watercolour Gallery Blog

About Blog — Video Tutorials and techniques about watercolor painting and more detailed explanations about watercolor painting on the blog

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2,283 4,028 62

Watercolor Wanderings+ Follow

Watercolor Wanderings

Central New York

About Blog — Paintings, arty activities, and musings by Christy Lemp on Watercolor Wanderings.

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364 63

Artworks by Anita+ Follow

Artworks by Anita


About Blog — Anita’s watercolor paintings and colored pencil drawings reflect her life in the upper Midwest — rural landscapes, waterscapes, architecture indicative to that area. Anita is a signature member of the Iowa Watercolor Society and a charter member of the Colored Pencil Society of America.

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211 28 64

Christie Drahnak+ Follow

Christie Drahnak


About Blog — Christie Drahnak an illustrator and fine artist who specialize in watercolor and gouache.

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806 463 8,871,175 65

My Watercolor Blog + Follow

My Watercolor Blog

About Blog — This blog is all about watercolor. Exploration in watercolor painting by Elizabeth Way.

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