Things to Know About Shipping Insurance

International Shipping

The goods that are shipped through international parcel delivery services are exposed to a lot of perils; from the time they are sent for international delivery and till they reach the end user. This is where shipping insurance takes the spotlight. Shipping insurance compensates for the losses borne during international delivery, with certain conditions attached. Wonder what to consider before insuring? We’ll help you.
Worth of the goods- If you are sending a courier from USA to India through international courier services that are not of high monetary value, you might as well let the insurance be as it would only weigh down on your pocket, and who wants that!
Read the documents- Documents specify all details regarding the insurance including how/when to raise claims if goods are damaged or stolen. And ensure that your logistics Distribution party too is on the same page. 
Paperwork- Keep your paperwork related to the goods handy, you would need that to claim insurance and to raise a claim, these are of primary importance.
Takes time- In international shipping the time taken to find a fix for losses takes time. If goods are reported missing, logistics distribution services take a few business days to come back. If it can’t be found, they would ask you to authorize a claim. And all this, clearly, takes time.
Pick your insurance- There are various insurance schemes available in the market. To name a few:
• All risk- Covers any physical loss/damage due to external causes 
• Certain perils- Insures only stipulated causes for loss/damage
• Natural causes- Insurance does not cover acts of god, riots and the likes
Be it express delivery within the borders or a courier to Europe from USA, insurance is a critical aspect. You get that part of the story right and your friend will surely get that Mac you’re sending over.