Futuristic Technologies by 2018 onward

I am a futurist. Currently working as Software Engineer using cutting edge technologies. Technology has completely revolutionized the way we live, we perceive and we act. Today, we entered into 2018.

Home Made Robotic Head Developed By : Mahesh Joshi, Nepal, ConvergeTree.com

Knowingly, unknowingly, Humanity is rapidly approaching a tipping point so called singularity or even trans humanism (Man — Machine Merge) in an accelerating pace.

Building a sex robot

By 2025, we will start having sex with robotic system. Most probably, early 2023. I believe that Sex robots are the future.

The banks will no longer exist. In fact, there is no need of bank. We really don’t want centralized inter-mediator system such as banks. Rather we are interested in decentralized banking system i.e Crypto Currency. Bitcoins, Block Chains and smart contracts which are highly secured, almost impossible to hack into the system, are the future. Everything will be a cashless. Automation will displace more than a fifth of the global labor force, around 800 million people will be replaced by robotics.

Today you build your home. By 2025, you will start printing your home via 3D printer, just in a day. Similarly you will start printing artificial human organs. Neural implants and holograms are coming soon. You can send and receive messages just by thinking. No need to talk on phone. That’s just a waste of time. Everything, from your brain to your devices will be online in cloud. You can download and upload your thoughts. Don’t forget, we are trans-piling humanity into singularity. That’s bit scary, I know. But that’s bitter truth.

Drone delivery will be next to enhance your online shopping experience. Fully autonomous(self driving) vehicle will hit the road. The smart grid, Hyperloop, Graphene, they are the future. Mars Manned Exploration, Space Tourism and Gene editing will be possible. Nanobots, Tele medicine and Data-driven healthcare are gaining momentum rapidly.

Moley Kitchen Robot

Home automation, ‘Moley’ will be your best kitchen chef. Robots will act as home companion to improve your everyday life. Your definition of robot is about to change.