My MBA story
VJ Anand

I would like to certainly congratulate you for three things and what comes first in that three things is you helping a old Japanese couple. Secondly I would call you that you are a very good son to your father — A sincere son. Thirdly your struggling wife with one kid and another one expecting who stood by you all the time.

However coming to NEET you struggle in MBA days has nothing to do with your talent. You are perfectly talented what was required for you is some money and you had great friends to your rescue.

NEET is 100% justfied for simple two reasons.

All pvt medical colleges now cannot ask for capitation fees however they have increased their medical seats post NEET that itself shows how crooks they are.

Anitha death is more to do with her caste than being poor. Pls accept it.

And finally thanks for sayinf that I have the right to my view and so you to.

Jai Hind.

God bless you. Take care of your wife and kids. My regards to all

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