NEET: Killing a generation’s dream
VJ Raju

NEET did not kill her. Poor coaching coupled with low standard syllabus killed her. Going by the same logic and phrases used “brilliant 17 year old” how many such brilliant students despite scoring marks did not get medicine because of their caste. Anitha’s death has exposed it. Apart from that Kazagams fueling pvt educational institutions but not taking effort even to construct toilets in Gov schools shows Kamaraj’s dream has been destroyed. For you kind information FC are less in number than BCs and MBCs. And poor people exists in forwards castes too. Hence no question of vote bank politics. if 9th standard CBSE syllabus are same in 1st year Eng is it not the duty of state gov to increase the standard.

Conclusion: NEET is the order and other states with more dalits population has accepted NEET. Education in TN state is being run by educational mafias. All political parties and prominet members do run a pvt eng or medical college.

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