The One Thing I Wish I Knew In My 20’s
James Altucher

Thanks for sharing this piece. I like your thesis but I think your argument actually supports the opposite of what you’re asserting: that everything matters. Without all those formative experiences you wouldn’t become the person that you were today, and wouldn’t be able to reflect back on your past with such a positive, productive perspective. It sounds like all the things you’ve achieved are very admirable, and through a lot of hard work, which is rare to see, and to say it only matters based on your “success/failure” is really selling yourself short. I think we need to really learn to value ourselves and our efforts in a different way, rather than arbitrary milestones such as marriage and the number of books we publish. We need to look at our actions as we move through the ups-and-downs of life, and if we’re happy we’ve given our best effort, and are moving one step closer to our desired destination, then we should be wholly satisfied and confident with our place in the world. Thanks again for sharing!