How I was a terrible rogue with Seema, Supriya, Wamika and Pooja.

I look at a question in my inbox that comes from a journalist for HerStory, part of the YourStory group. Verbatim, it says:

“Besides, Pooja and Wamika, there was another similar case by Supriya Sahoo where she alleged you had propositioned her. Many are terming thing as a serial offense? Your comment?”

Wow. I’m being called a serial offender. Comment please. The judge, jury and executioner have decided already. But, hey, comment please.

And there’s another email from Asian Age basically saying, yes, it’s 9pm on February 20 and we’re giving you 15 minutes to answer these allegations from Wamika Iyer in writing, else the story is going into print without your response. There goes my dinner guest, and I rush to type out what I can in the little time I have, and try scramble around to take screen shots on my phone and attach them to the email. …


Mahesh Murthy

Investor in startups, advisor to brands. Board director, corporate speaker, traveler. Dad to 3 brats.

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