Hollywood Must-Watch for Dummies!

Couple of my students have been asking me to give them a list of must-watch Hollywood films (which is a very difficult task IMO).Here I am gonna list out five movies per genre, that used the best out of their respective genre potential. I am also going to mention the sub-genres in parenthesis.

Ps: Once again, this isn’t “THE BEST” film list, I am trying to give a taste of Film Genres to newbies.


Whats Up, Doc (Screwball) , 1972

Young Frankenstein (Parody), 1974

Airplane (Spoof) , 1980

Borat (Mockumentary), 2006

The Hangover (Stoner), 2009


The exorcist (Haunting), 1973

The Texas chainsaw massacre (Slasher), 1974

The shining (Psychological), 1980

Cannibal Holocaust (Splatter), 1980

The blair witch project (FoundFootage), 1999


Psycho (Serial Killer), 1960

A clockwork orange (Dystopian), 1971

The Godfather (Gangster), 1972

The Silence of the Lambs (Serial Killer), 1991

Se7en (NeoNoir), 1995


It happened one night (Romance), 1934

The thin red line (War), 1998

American Beauty (Comedy), 1999

Zodiac (Mystery), 2007

The tree of life (Experimental), 2011


2001: A Space Odyssey (Alternate), 1968

Close encounters of the third kind (Alien), 1977

Alien (Horror) , 1979

Back to the future (Adventure), 1985

Children of Men(Drama), 2006


Wizard of Oz (Musical), 1939

StarWars (Sci-fi), 1977

ET (Sci-fi), 1982

Donnie Darko (Psychological), 2001

Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Alternate), 2001


Terminator II: The Judgement Day (Sci-Fi), 1991

Kill Bill Duology ( Spaghetti Western), 2003

Predator (Sci-Fi), 1987

Heat (Crime), 1995

Sin City (Neo Noir), 2005

Go Ahead! Watch’em all!

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