Bargain Hunting Made Easy

Everyone loves a bargain, and in a perfect world, we’d love to find the best deal every time.

Thankfully, online shopping has come a long way and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own living room to find a hot deal. Although,there’s no denying that jumping from site to site to try and bag the best bargain, can still be exhausting and time consuming.

This is when the new shopping platform, Octer, comes in handy, to save you some extra time and effort. Octer features thousands of brands and hundreds of stores from High Street to designer in one place. Everything is categorised into a useful retail format, so you don’t have to worry about a scary jumble sale.

Here’s just a few ways Octer can help you with your bargain hunting:

1. Only shop sale items

When you’re in your chosen category you can tick a Sale Items Only filter, which makes it quick and easy to viewall the sale products from multiple stores.

2. Shop the stores you love

You can also choose to only view products from stores you’re interested in, this is great as Octer features so many different retailers from Topshop to Marks & Spencer — there’s something for everybody. Our top tip is to leave all the retailers selected the first time round — you may be surprised at what you find.

3. Compare Prices

Remember Octer doesn’t stock or directly sell any products; it just collates them from all the top stores. It’s likely you will find the same product at various prices, from different retailers, so at a glance it’s easy to see which is the best deal!

4. Easy Search

If you know what you want, the search feature makes it super quick and easy to compare the same product from multiple stores. A great way to double check you’ve got the best price.

Search and compare fashion brand items and prices or download your handy app from applestore.

The phrase “Search and compare fashion brand items and prices” whole phrase as a hyperlink to and handy app from applestore

As Octer is a new and upcoming business, they are open to feedback to help make their product better. Email if you would like to give your feedback or have any questions.

If you’re really a big fan of the sales — you can also try out, which only lists sale products from all the big stores.