Get Quality Caged Ladder from Factory Supply

Factory Supply Offers Quality Products

Factory Supply is a website that provides quality products to its customers. All of its products are made with great care and depth featuring top class, long-lasting function and durable quality in them. This website is a helping platform for the people who are always in search of quality industrial products that are much needed in any kind of construction project. It designs and manufactures its products by seeing the ever-increasing demands of its users towards a certain product.

Benefits of different types of ladders at industrial warehouses

As we all know, ladders are an important aspect of the industrial warehouses because they make hard-to-access areas easily reachable. If you have the right kind of ladder installed at your industrial warehouses, it can make a huge difference in preventing a lot of dangerous accidents. Different varieties of ladders provide you a considerable amount of flexibility when you want to utilize the space accurately in your warehouse. In simpler words, ladders make your industrial work much more efficient, safer and productive at all scales.

Factory Supply Provides Quality Caged Ladders

When you are looking for both standard and custom solutions, Factory supply facilitates you in providing wall mounted roof access in different difficult areas with the help of Caged Ladder. This website holds all the necessary experience required to designing custom fixed steel ladders for various different kinds of applications ranging from indoor clean room to outdoor marine constructed from stainless, aluminum and galvanized.

Qualities of Caged Ladder

Caged Vertical Ladders at Factory supply meet all the OSHA regulations which include landing platform every 30 feet. When this ladder is covering its design phase, the expert team of engineers at Factory Supply carefully reviews the national safety standards in order to meet or exceed compliance. Once the design phase of this Caged Ladder gets completed, an approval is sent to the customer so that the customer may sign it before the fabrication phase of the ladder can begin.

The main features of Caged Ladders include 10 to 24 rung sizes, potential of handling 300 Ib. weight capacity, 11/2’’ x 2’’ Square Tube Side Rails, 18’’ wide rungs, and 1’’ diameter wall rungs to manage superior durability. This ladder also features a walk-thru handrail that can be extended 42 inches above the top rung designed for the sole purpose of guiding workers to move up and down.

The safety cage of the ladder begins almost eight feet from the ground that can be extended to the top of the ladder. Safety cage is also flared at the bottom in order to provide easy access to the user. This ladder by Factory Supply meets all the OSHA standards of national safety and also have safety gate option available in it.

This fixed Caged Ladder highly meet all the known building codes that are necessary to be understood for manufacturing something great for industrial warehouses. This ladder is just perfectly designed to meet all the needs of the areas that are harder to access.