Introduction about Proxies and Virtual Private Networks

Proxies and VPNs are two privacytools that anyone needs to unleash the full power of the internet. They have similar uses but they both have their respective plusses and minuses. A proxy or a proxy network is simply a virtual middleman for your data. They are some of themost ubiquitous tools and one of the earliest examples of software as a service.

For anyone that is downloading things they have no legal access to they might need to know just what these are for. Your IP addressis like your name or address online. It is for identification so that you can navigate the internet and the digital world can interact with you.

About Proxies

A proxy is a second IP that does most of the grunt work for you. Just as any machine is only as fast as its slowest part not every proxy is equal in how well they perform this duty. If you are trying to dodge a cease and desist notice then this might not be your biggest concern.

What you might want to worry about is security of connection and identity. Some proxies use well known and abused IP’s for their services. Additionally if you are in America and you are trying to access an American server using a Somalian proxy this might raise a good deal of red flags.

Just because they’re quick and easy doesn’t make it the best option. Proxies are a dime a dozen to operate and access to them is usually free. There are a many types of proxies available, both open(freeproxies) and paid (premium proxies). If privacy and security is a concern, there’s no contest — premium proxy services outperform all others. As with everything free you get what you pay for.

About Virtual Private Networks

The second option is those VPN’s we mentioned earlier.

Any of the problems we mentioned earlier are better mitigated through use of a virtual private network. These are usually premium services provided by the hosts of proxies. They offer many advantages that proxies do not. Besides the middle man aspect of them they are far more diverse in what they can offer. If you need to deliberately throttle your bandwidth to stay under the radar or limit a monthly expense these can be really helpful.

Some offer the ability to juggle packets so that any packet sniffing that is done by those investigating internet use (or stray Google cars) don’t pick up anything from your Wi-Fi. The whole thing doesn’t show up like parts of a conversation, but looks like handfuls of pieces of different puzzles in one bag. This can be a handy little trick if you know how to use it.

Additionally they are a good deal more reliable than any proxy. If you hate it when your internet connection bugs out, double this frustration and add on the fact that you can’t control what happens to it. VPN’s are typically more reliable than a home internet set up. They are also typically faster than a home set up also. Proxies can be sort of hit or miss in this regard. So the It’s great to use the VPN for Streaming like Netflix, hulu and iPlayer.

Now that you know what is out there, all that is left is for you to see what your priorities are and how they can meet your goals.