A recent technology of identifying abrasion and pilling resistance of all kinds of textile structures in the textile industry.

Martindale abrasion tester is a machine innovated for its application in the textile industry to test the resistance of fabrics against the abrasion. Different than other testing machines, this abrasion tester is designed for the accurate abrasion and pilling test confirmed to standards. Here the sample of a fabric is rubbed against the standard abrasive surface of the tester machine to determine its abrasion resistance.

Testex Textile which is manufacturing textile equipment since 1991 is providing the Martindale abrasion tester machines for the textile industry. This recent innovation is much useful for the abrasion test of the manufactured fabrics which are pre-ready for sale. The working principle of this tester is a bit different from those traditional abrasion testing machines.

A standard abrasive is rubbed against the test fabric in order to know its resistance to abrasion and pilling. The test fabric is rubbed against the standard abrasive in low pressure with change in its direction during the test. The standard parameters are set for the test fabric on the tester machine. The abrasion and pilling of the test fabric is then compared with the standard parameter.

In the Martindale abrasion tester the individual test piece holders can be removed from the main assembly without lifting the top motion plate. A touch screen interface is provided on the machine with the time set for intervals. Individual counters and parking function are equipped in the tester for the convenience of the user. The weights of 9 and 12 Kpa are included along with the standard test fabric holder.

The tester runs on the programmable logic controller (PLC) drive and have touch display interference. The maximum stroke of movement is 60.5+/-0.5mm and weight of holder and spindle is200+/-1 gm. for the abrasion test. For the pilling test the maximum stroke of movement is 24+/-0.5mm and weight of holder and spindle is 155+/-1gm. The table specimen mounting weight is 2.5 to 3 kg for the tester. Abrasion tester holder comes in a set of 4 with 38 mm in diameter.

There are large and small loading weights along with the holder with the difference of +/ — 10 gm. For the straight line motion of required for the pilling test, a linear adapter is equipped in the tester. There are set of 4 sample retaining rings for the pilling test. Pilling test holders are 90 mm in diameter with a set of 4. There are 4 sets of loading weights for the pilling test 260+/-1 gm. Auxiliary device is provided for the specimen mounting.

The Martindale abrasion tester is available in the multiple test position formats such as 4, 6, 8, and 9 test positions. There are different models of the tester available based on the capacity and applications. The different models are TF210A Martindale Abrasion and pilling tester with 4 Heads, TF210B Martindale Abrasion and pilling tester with 6 Heads, TF210C Martindale Abrasion and pilling tester with 8 Heads and TF210D Martindale Abrasion and pilling tester with 9 Heads. These models are available at Testex Textile ltd. These models are light in weight and can be transported easily.

The weight of the tester is about 120 kg and is lighter than those traditional machines used in the textile companies. The tester machine is 600 mm in width with depth of 650 mm and height is 350 mm. Having a look at these dimensions, the tester machine is quite compact and compatible as compared to other testers. It works on the min/max voltage of 220/110 volts and on frequency of 50/60 Hz. The operation of the abrasion and pilling can be controlled directly from the touch screen interference provided at the center of the tester. The number of rotations and axial movements can be controlled from the screen by setting them. The color and texture of the tester perfectly matches its design.

The Martindale abrasion machine is complied with the set of standards and certifications in order to ensure their quality and safety. They comply with EN ISO 12945–2, EN ISO 129, ISO 20344, ASTM 4966, ASTM 4970, BS 3424, JIS L1096, DIN 53863, DIN 53865, IS 12673, GB/T 13775, IWTO 40–88, SFS 4328, NEXT 16, BS EN 388 and BS EN 530. These standards ensure that the tester machine is manufactured using highest of standard procedures and materials with no compromise in quality assurance and inspection. It can be quoted that the Martindale abrasion testing machine is best in class equipment used for the indication of abrasion and pilling on the fabrics.

It is better to choose this testing machine for the textile applications on the base of the features and performance of this machine. This testing machine is fully equipped with all the requirements needed for the abrasive and pilling test of the fabric in the textile section. The main considerations for its approval are its appearance, convenience, compactness and weight due to which it is worth for purchase. The user friendly touch screen interface is the best part of this testing machine as it becomes easy for the operator to set the standard calculations and requirements. Due to the light weight of the machine it can be conveniently transported as per the requirement having no obstructions for its operation.

At Testex all the models of the Martindale Abrasion and pilling testing machine are available. You can request a quotation by just entering your name, email address and question on the website of Testex. You can sign for the newsletter on the website to get daily updates on the testing equipment provided by Testex. The business address of the Testex is №65, Dist. 2, Dabeiwan, Changpin, Daojiao, Dongguan, 523000, P.R. China. You can contact the sales team via the telephone on +8676923294842. Email inquiries and queries can be sent on Any urgent messages and inquiries can be sent directly to the team through the send a message tab on the

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