Poor Air conditioning Health Issues and their remedies

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Many people do not tolerate the scorching heat of summer and they do not want to live without air condition.Air conditioning affects the following atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity, and circulation of air. The temperature and humidity should be comfortable for people; research showed that respiratory diseases increase at a temperature above 26-degree centigrade, having atoo high level or too low level of humidity is a root cause of various diseases. The air should not contain dust, bacteria, fungi and unpleasant odor, the percentage of oxygen in the air must be


Having badly maintained or defective AC system can cause air pollution and it is injurious to health. The poor air conditioning functions and maintenance are associated with following health symptoms:

  1. Nasal congestion

2. Breathing problems

3. Headaches

4. Fatigue

5. Sleepiness

6. Lassitude

7. Poor concentration

8. Irritated skin

9. Asthma problems

10. Allergies

11. Sick building syndrome

A research showed breathing problems, headaches, fatigue, and irritated skin occur in sick building syndrome which happens likely because of microorganisms growing in the AC system.The air condition does not work properly only when it is not well maintained and has faulty functions.

In winter when the system is not in working condition, it is susceptible to growth and spreading of mold. Not cleaning the system regularly leads to accumulation of dust on blower wheel and motor which flourishes mold. Moreover, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms breed due to cooling of hot air which involves a process of condensation, producing a lot of moisture and humidity.Air pollutants enter the AC filter, which filters the pollutants. Not changing the filters regularly restricts air flow and clogged filters allow allergens, pesticides, and irritant inside your home.

How to maintain your air conditioner

It is important to maintain AC to prevent poor health conditions.

1. The filters must be cleaned after 1–2 months, filters also lower the energy consumption of the system.

2.Check the evaporator coils; evaporator and condenser coils and ensure that they are clean, if not clean them.

3. Use a pipe to drain condensate properly and make sure it is not blocked.

4. During winter, cover the outdoor unit to protect it from debris and dust.

5. Ensure that the seal between air conditioner metal case and the window frame leaves no gap. Otherwise, moisture will damage the seal and cool air has away to move out from the room.

6. When summer starts, execute service of AC unit from HVAC repairman. Moreover, END OF LEASE CLEANING package also offered air conditioning services.

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