How to play Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X freely on N3DS ?

These days, the 3DS game Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X is really hot on Nintendo 3DS, many gamers want to play this game freely on Nintendo 3DS, so can we play this game freely ? How to save money by playing free 3DS games on 3DS 11.4.0–37 ? Today you will find your solutions.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X was released in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console on April 27, 2017. The game surpasses its predecessor in terms of both graphical quality and the amount of content.

This will contain 3300 cards and 36 mission packs. Ultimate Mission X will have special items to boost your cards which is refreshing since the last game customization was limited to your Avatar. Finally, first print physical bonuses will come with physical cards, in-game hero avatar cards and four playable characters which include Xeno Goku, Xeno Vegeta, Demonic God Towa and SSGSS Vegito

3DS flashcart to play free 3DS games

3ds flashcart is a famous product to play free 3DS games on Nintendo 3DS / New3DS, 2DS. It is a well known tool to play free games on 3DS. Can we play free Nintendo games with 3ds flashcart ? Yes of course. Then which 3ds flashcard to choose for Nintendo 3DS / New3DS ? Which 3DS flashcart to support the latest firmware 3DS 11.4.0–37 ?

In fact, there are many different 3DS flashcart in the market. Here is a list for you:

· Sky3DS+

· sky3ds

· Gateway 3ds

· Supercard dstwo plus

· EZ Flash redux

Which one can read Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X on the latest firmware 3DS 11.4.0–37 ? Your only choice is SKY3DS+. Why we choose sky3ds+ card to play free 3DS games on 3DS ? sky3ds+ with Sky3ds V130 firmware supports Pokemon Sun&Moon and other 3ds games with new AP check. It also support Exfat, so we have no need to trim the rom before downloading it to sky3ds+. And Sky3ds+ has a firmware which supports updating regularly, so this is good for users too. We can use the card for a long time with the updatable firmware.

What’s more, gateway 3ds cannot read the free 3DS games on Nintendo 3DS 11.4 directly, and for the sky3ds card, it cannot support the latest 3DS games. If you want to play the latest 3DS games, then sky3ds v2 is not your choice. For other choice Supercard dstwo Plus and EZ Flash Redux, they cannot suppot the latest 3DS system 11.4.0–37.

SKY3DS+ for Nintendo 3DS with these functions

· Support 3DS Games: let users play downloaded free 3DS Games, over 400 titles.

· Support Multi-rom: let users play many 3ds games into a card.

· Support Game Switch: let users switch from different games with buttons.

· Support Region free with homebrew exploits for example the Ninjhax 2.9.

· Support online game play and access to Eshop.

How to run Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X freely with SKY3DS+ ?

· Formatting the SD card you prepare to use for Sky3ds+

· Download and Copy the 3ds rom ( Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X) to the root of your microSD card directly, you can download Free 3DS/DS game roms in

· Download the firmware v130 from the website official

· Unzip the file and copy the firmware.bin to the root of your microSD card.

· Eject the SD Card from your PC, insert the sky3ds+ with SD Card to your 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS or 2DS console and enjoy your 3ds games freely. There are the game on your 3DS screen. you can switch games freely by two orange buttons.

Where to buy one Sky3ds+ ? is your best choice, it’s a website from the official reseller. And you can get also your package only serveral days in Europe. Now sky3ds+ is on sale in this website online.

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