The Difference between a Food Processor and a Blender Usage

Most people often ask about what is The Difference between a Food Processor and a Blender. Based on its name, blender is designed for blending ingredients into juice. While food processor has more functioned than just for blending ingredients into juice. Therefore, blender is often used to make fruit or vegetable juice only. In some case, for food preparation, blender is also used for blending ingredients like in making basic food season. In example, blender is often used for making pizza sauce which the ingredients are tomato, pepper, chili, basil, and salt. All those ingredients then poured into blender and when the machine works, it will blend all of ingredients and in turns to be sauce.

The Difference between a best Food Processor and a Blender is that blender can’t afford many works just like food processor does. Food processor is able to do many performance more than blending ingredients, like slicing, cutting, chopping, and shredding. In example, food processor could chop onions into slices, while if we put onion into blender, it will blend it to be onion juice. Another example, food processor could cut big chunk vegetable like carrot and radish into the size we wanted, and use it for making salad or cooking ingredients. Blender will make carrot and radish to be juice and we will not able to eat it in pieces, but porridge.

The Difference between a Food Processor and a Blender could be seen from it shapes. Food processor tend to be shorter and large, while blender is higher and slim. Many blenders only have one attached slicing knife, and unable to move it. While food processor’s knife could be remove and changed easily. Food processor’s knife also had variety size, which could be customize based on its need. Simply saying, slicing knife might be different shape with shredding knife, and so on.

In The Difference between a Food Processor and a Blender, we could see that food processing has more functions compared to blender. In fact, even best food processing is also had a lack, which could be done by blender. Most of food processing unable to chop or shred nuts finely. There will be uneven cuts of nuts, which some of them are still in big chunk, and some of them has chopped into small pieces. Even we work on it many times, it will still have the same effect. While blender is able to shred and chop nuts finely, especially if we want to use it as small pieces.

Even with all The Difference between both of them mentioned, blender could still perform in same way as food processor in some cases. It could use for making basic food season, and sauce of food. While food processor could also do the work of blender in making smoothies. If you want to make smoothies using food processor, make sure that you add some liquid like water, fresh milk, or yogurt, in order to ease the blending process. You don’t need to worry to waste your money for having both machines, as both of them have different function and usage.

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