These are the most romantic cities in the world

When it comes to traveling, every destination is interesting and has its own beauties and astonishing places to visit, yet there are some considered as the most romantic cities in the world which are on this list for some reason! Italy, Paris, and Hawaii are holding the most romantic destinations on this list and it is no surprise!

However, if you plan your honeymoon or you just wish to surprise your other half and gift them with the vacation of their dreams then these are the cities you should choose from:

1. Venice in Italy

Is it a surprise why this place is on top of the most romantic cities list? The amazing architecture, the waterways and the astonishing atmospheres are pretty much why this place it is an obvious choice. You will never make a mistake by choosing this place and you should!

2. Paris in France

Who doesn’t wish to visit the city of love? The city of love will never disappoint you no matter which season you plan on going. This place is also the most popular place for proposing to your loved one. Not just the amazing architecture but also the culture and history of the city are worth-seeing.

3. Carmel by the sea in California

You might be surprise by this choice on the most romantic cities list yet it truly deserves to be listed here because everyone that has been here declared this place as the best destination for romance and love. If you want to isolate yourself and enjoy the sandy beaches, relax and feel like the time has stopped, this is the place to be. It is also the best destination if you want to re-connect with your partner and have some quality time together without any distractions.

4. Honolulu in Hawaii

Hawaii is for sure one of the most famous and desired tropical tourist destination yet this Honolulu place is a lot more than that! With all the activities and the adrenaline, adventures that the island offers, this place is where you go to relax and enjoy the sunrise together with your beloved. These memories will last a lifetime!

5. Barcelona in Spain

This place is couple’s dream! It is a must visit for all the culture, history and the one of a kind architecture! You will never get enough of this city and you will fall in love again every single time with the city itself and your partner because the energy of this place is just so strong.

6. Rome in Italy

The last but not least of the never-ending list of most romantic cities as expected because it offers so much for a couple to experience. The amazing and symbolic architecture is breathtaking and you and your partner will spend all your time enjoying the numerous fountains and fall in love with each other again. The trip and all the expenses will be worth it once you are there.