Is MMR just a number?

Some time ago,Dota2 legend Danil “Dendi” Ishutin tweeted after making it to 8k MMR that “MMR is just a number” and the tweet just brought up the anger amongst the Dota2 community.Some players did curse him about the tweet,while some agreed on it.Taking upon the tweet many Professional Players also kept their views,one among them “SingSing” while playing against Dendi in a match,kept cursing him after killing him,Are you sure MMR is just a number?

Na’Vi Dendi

It wasn’t something that was limited to professional Dota2 scene but pub players from all MMR pool started to keep their opinion about the tweet.Some said,”He is right,even though I am 2k but I can play better much like 5k”.While some disagreed,they kept the point,”It takes a player lot of commitment and skills to move himself up the MMR pool,the pool you play in shows your skill level”.


According to me,MMR is not solely a skill factor.It doesn’t mean that if you have better MMR than someone than you can crush them or you are definitely going to own them. MMR may decide that your standings are better than that player but what’s more important is Game Mechanics,Awareness,Command,Team Coordination.So,Why do I think that MMR doesn’t define you as a complete performer-:

  1. Suma1L-: He is a 7.7k MMR mid player and I have seen him outplaying players like No[o]ne(9k MMR),Limp(9.2k MMR) and most of the time Suma1L zones out his opponent in mid lane.So,does that mean he is better than those 9k’s?.Not completely,he outlanes them because of his good game mechanics,team support and command over his heroes.
  2. Miracle-: He is 9.5k MMR mid lane player,also known for his insane gameplay on Invoker,Anti Mage,Shadow Fiend.If you will have to pick all time best 3 players of Dota2 then this guy definitely will have a slot in those 3,but Miracle once told “He doesn’t like to play against No[o]ne in mid because No[o]ne zones him out and he feels helpless in mid”.Does that mean Miracle’s MMR is hoax.He is scared of a player who is lower than his MMR.
  3. Dendi-: The legendary player,who has around 7.2k MMR shows some insane plays.He is also one of the most effective mid laner in the world.He can shut down enemy mid with his skills.In Kiev Major,he was playing SF against OG.ana(9k MMR) Templar Assasin and in 10 min he denied 50 creeps,the CS difference was 30+.So,is Ana less skilled then Dendi?or it’s just the more good hero control.

So,it all sums up that MMR is not a complete deciding factor of skill set.You can’t judge a player completely based upon his MMR but yes,Your skills do definitely decide what MMR pool you belong. Arteezy has 9k MMR in his main account and then he smurfed another account and took it to 8.3k MMR,so doesn’t matter if you have skills you will reach your MMR pool but not always because Matumbaman(9k) also smurfed an account and he has 7.4k MMR in his smurf account.

The same controversies arise when DC.Abed made it to 10k MMR,lot of people complained him reaching 10k with the help of his team mate Bulba,Dubu who would most of the time were queued together and they would help him win even if they were against him.People think that he doesn’t have the skills to be a REAL 10k MMR.

So in the end it all sums up to “MMR is not just a number but rather a measure of skills which may define how good a player is”.