Predictions for Game of Thrones Season 7

Well as the series is reaching to it’s commencement with only 13 episodes left,it is all coming to an end.Things wrapping up,happy days are about to come for some people and end for others.Well,it doesn’t matter how the stories moves further,one thing is for sure this time “Winter is Coming” and this winter will hurt everyone.

So,people have different expectations and different theories about the coming season.Well,here are few predictions that may be a possibility in this season-:

  1. Characters that may die-: Well it seems more likely that any of the stark kid is going to die. Sansa in an interview accidentally told that,She will make it through s7. Well after R+L=J is true,that leaves Jon to be a targaryen.Arya is well trained enough to die unless,it’s a cold blooded murder by her own siblings.As if for now Bran is under protection and there is no point in killing a crippled child.The characters that may die include Petyr Baelish,when Sansa realises that he is planning a plot against their own family,Jorah Mormont dying of Greyscale,though he may have find a cure,one of the dragons may die as in books Euron greyjoy has a horn that can control dragons and seeking the revenge for her dragon Khaleesi may kill him and I guess it may be the season finale all about.
  2. Arya Stark meeting her family back and The Hound too.Well it is a possibility that she might meet her long lost direwolf Nymeria too as she set Nymeria free in Season 3 and along with Ghost only Nymeria is assumed to be alive out of all Stark direwolf. So,there is a fair chance of both of them reuniting.
Azor Ahai

3.Azor Ahai “the Light bringer” and one who defeated the others 8000 years ago may be brought into light.For now,chances are that Jon Snow may be the Azor Ahai but fair chances are Daenerys may be the Azor Ahai. As she has dragons that can fight others and Isn’t the series all about Ice and Fire.

4. Cersei won’t be enjoying her stay in power for too long.Little does she know about the journey of Khaleesi towards westeros and the debt that iron throne is in.So it might be a possibility that even if Khaleesi couldn’t make it in time to her,The Iron Bank will and they are pretty much clear about the gold they lend others.So the short lived power of Cersei is sure.

5. Jamie might confront Cersei about the death of their only living child and this might be the en of the Jamie-Cersei relationship.He might leave cersei on her own terms and possibly leave westeros and join the Night’s Watch.I guess he might be the 1000 lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

The Wall

6.The Wall may come Down,as the wall is guarded by the magic that holds the White walkers on the opposite side but after the contact of the Bran with Knight’s King the magic may have seen to be broken and not long will it take the others to cross the wall and this might be the end of the wall.The wall may be destroyed by the Walkers.

Samwell Tarly

7.Samwell Tarly,Well he does have a very important role in the upcoming season.He has discovered Citadel’s library and has discovered that Valyrian steel can kill a walker but the idea of forging Valyrian steel dies along with their people,so he might come up with the idea of forging the Valyrian steel and he might be the sole interpreter of all the viewers related question about the wall and it’s magic.

Greyjoy Sigil

8.Greyjoy family,this might be the end of the Greyjoy family.As Yara and Theon might die in their rebellion against Euron Greyjoy and later Euron dying in the season finale battle.So it would end the marking of one of the strongest house in seven kingdoms.

One thing is for sure,the much awaited Winter is Coming and this time it won’t bring just chill weather but a silent death with it.So the wait is over,this time it’s for sure A Song of Ice and Fire.