The Indian vision 2020

Vision 2020

As India is progressing under the current government, doing well in all fields and has been able to attract foreign investors to come in India and Make here. So as to call that MAKE IN INDIA program as introduced by our Prime Minister. Many other programs such as encouragement to Entrepreneurship in India, which has highly encouraged the young Indians to come forward with the ideas and implement them as a whole. The plan seems to be working , India has seen a growth which she was carving for nearly a decade, people today are much more confident about their present Government then they used to be. Once for all it seems like ACHE DIN are arriving. Still for a developing nation it is not enough that the government launches some program which turns out to be a revolutionary idea and helps in bringing an over night change in the present scenario of the country. There are still certain drawbacks in the present scenario, which somehow has lead the youth in the wrong direction, maybe by themselves and sometimes lead by others. Some of the things which I feel are completely not justified as being a citizen of India and can be improved in coming times are-:

  1. RESERVATION SYSTEM-: As we can see that reservation still has a strong hold in every aspect of the Indian Society. I remember the time I gained my senses I was always made aware of the reservation system. I don’t think so that being born in a lower class of people make you much avid of an achiever in fulfilling your dreams. Maybe at this point of time we can’t remove the reservation system but I think that education system must be made free from reservation system. Recently I came across a post on some of the social Networking sites,where the topper of Civil Services exam of this year claimed way too less marks than a student who was not able to qualify for the exam. Is is right? A student who studied whole year just to get through the exam was not even to qualify,just because he didn’t belong to any Reserved Category. So, maybe its the high time to remove caste discrimination from the Education System.
The Actual Kashmir we hold

2. INDIAN GEOGRAPHY-: People seem to get easily diverted whenever they are ignited with the feeling of their country being attacked and captured by the foreign countries near the borders. This kind of act creates a feeling of hatred among the heart of the people in country. The geographical panellist in India should redefine Indian map, which shows all territories under Indian control and avoid any further misconception among Indians. The citizens must be made more aware about the actual situation of the demography of the country rather than learning things from the texts that are decades old and misguiding. I know it would hurt a lot of sentiments of the people learning the facts but at least it will make clear about the control of the Indian officials over the lands and water bodies.

Need to redefine some of the postulates

3. DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM-:As we Indians are the largest Democracy in the world so we are provided with some of the biggest powers that help us in raising our voices of any ongoing issue which is less concerned about public but contrary to good aspect there are always some bad aspect attached. Recently, there was an incident in JNU where a group of students started raising their voice against their own country and raised slogan in favour of a deceased terrorist. That is one of the things which make Indians sad. So, it might be the time to take actions and modify some of the democratic rules such that people like this are not motivated and no future incident like this takes place.

Regional parties must be removed

4. POLITICAL PARTIES-: Elections and number of political parties in India act Inversely proportional. I mean why create a party just because you are from a particular society or you are from a particular state. There are numerous number of political parties in India which has lead to the degradation of an efficient government officials and head of a particular region. People tend to form a party from a particular place they belong and voters don’t vote by looking on future agendas of those people or their vision, they just vote them because either they know them, they belong to their community, they might be a strong position holding personality and many other silly reasons. So some rules needs to be imposed on deciding about the number of political parties which should take participation in the elections,such that no deserving candidate fails to make it up to the upper house or lower house and fails the public.

Provide youth with better opportunities

5. UNEMPLOYMENT-: Maybe government has started many plans which are attracting youth towards achieving employment and making a change in society. Still there are many students who have passed out from their colleges a long time ago but are still unemployed. One of the best example are overly crowded engineers, a country which produces more than 2 million engineers per year but can’t help them get decent paying job . Maybe the government should stop giving license to the Engineering colleges which are about to open. On an estimation, nearly everyday 100’s of new engineering colleges are proposed, they must not be permitted as already there are more then enough engineers waiting to get employed and colleges that are still lacking students. Government should impose new schemes which would encourage students to do course apart from mainstream courses and explore the students to achieve better in their life.

Tourism is a better source for development

6. TOURISM-:One of the major factor that lead the European countries to rise after the multiple crisis was the tourism. So, like them India should also modify some of its tourism policy that would lead to the growth in number of tourist visiting India per year. As, it also plays one of the major factor in increasing the economy of a state. Tourism encouraged as well as the safety and privacy of the tourist must also be maintained by the fellow Indians. As, we see that people visiting from foreign land are often charged around 5–6 times that is charged to locals. If they are foreigners does’t mean you need to rate them high than usual. Programs regarding this should be spread which will lead to safety and security of our visitors such that it doesn’t become their last visit. A better environment needs to be cultivated and spread among people by proper sources.

We have many sports

7. SPORTS-:I don’t know the last time any of our news channel or any other media praised our Kabaddi team even though they are winning the World cup from the beginning itself and once I saw an image where the Kabaddi team of Indian women were holding the cup in their hand waiting for some auto rickshaw to pick them. I don’t find it appropriate to be discriminated among the game you play.Imagine if it being a cricket world cup,Would the scenario be same. We should shift from cricket and give everyone an opportunity to showcase their talent in every game. For a country who once used to be a world leader in hockey today has moved to 6–8 position, its just merely lack of opportunities given to young player so they don’t feel like trying onto sports apart from cricket.More focus should be made on other games like football,athletics,Kabaddi,Hockey. It’s not hard for a country of 1.2 billion people to score at least 10 gold medals in Olympic games but it is still a dream for us.

We still don’t have better Internet access

8. INTERNET REACH-ABILITY-:Government should think over the Internet coverage to the inner parts of the country. In today’s world Internet has become a basic need and people need it in every form of life, may it be for being social, learning, awareness, connecting around. One need to have an Internet connection to be able to compete with outer world but the INTERNET is still not accessible to almost half of the nation. It becomes difficult for common people to own one.Government should think over it and make certain changes over the internet plans such that most people in this country are active and have knowledge about other things going around.

Maybe these are the points which I feel should be changed but they are nearly all things which are the voice of youth today and no one can deny the fact “Youth is the prime mover of a Country”.