Have you ever felt that your days are rolling by and you have no idea where you are headed?

Have you ever felt impatient to know what the future holds for you, how things will turn out, where you will end up and how?

Have you ever felt patient and open to receiving everything the universe has in store for you and some dimwit decides to ask you why you aren’t doing what everyone else does and instantly dials you back to ground zero?

Have you ever felt like you have lost interest in the world and sleep seems like your best suited companion, because there is no pressure of a forced conversation, probing questions, and the obvious face time that you currently detest?

Have you ever felt empty and drained having woken up after 12 hours of shut-eye, while the entire country continues to celebrate one of the many festivals that it always does?

Have you ever felt like you have the wrong set of people around you?

Have you ever felt like the people you follow online somehow make for better company than the ones you are surrounded by?

Have you ever felt like the pressure of everyone’s expectations, of how you should behave, and how you should live your life, are clasping tighter by the second on your windpipe?

Have you even felt like receiving a letter in the mail, and when you open it you read the truths of tomorrow and how your life will turn out, just so you don’t have to spend nights in anxiety?

Have you ever felt like you wasted certain years of your life?

Have you ever felt like the people in your life have no idea what is going inside the large concrete-mixer head of yours?

Have you ever felt like sitting someone down and screaming your mind out to them because they have not noticed the turmoil you have been going through?

Have you ever felt lonely in a crowd and wished that you were lonely alone instead?

Have you ever felt like calling up a friend from school and giving her your side of the story for an incident that happened? Or even been thankful for their friendship and support?

Have you ever felt like asking strangers these questions to see if they felt like this too, just so you felt normal in your skin?

Have you ever felt like you should sit down and dish out the erratic thoughts circling in your brain this instant?