In continuation with the previous blog, in this blog I would discuss about how to access the dark net, the currency used and other related stuff.


Once you have installed “Tor” on your PC,you will have access to the infamous markets of the dark net that sell drugs, stolen credit card details etc., in bitcoins.As a matter of fact, there is a Tor operating system — TAILS, which provides users with additional privacy.


There are countless number of websites and webpages on internet. However,all of them are not available to general public..but why? Why can we not access them? We can see internet as a humongous pool of data,sites,web pages,directories and what not. In this way, to be able to find relevant data from this ‘pool’, we require some tool that will help us access this data. This tool is what ‘web browsers’ are. The “clear-net” is basically the collection of all the webpages that can be accessed by search engines like google,bing etc. Apart from this, whatever exists on the net is virtually ‘hidden’ as for these special sites,our ‘tools’ of google and other search engines don’t work and as we have seen,we need special tools(browsers) like ‘tor’ to access it.

For instance, supposing there is some news on a news site, but after some time, as this news gets older, it will stop appearing in the search results of search engines. Where does it go then? Darknet.


Assassins are hired,drugs are sold..clearly, there should be some mode of making transactions without revealing the identity of the bearer or the payee.In comes the concept of “Bitcoin”.


Bitcoin is virtual currency. It enables online transactions without compromising with the anonymity of either payee or bearer. The transactions come under peer to peer networking rather than the client-server networking category,i.e that the transactions take place directly between the sender and receiver without the involvement of any third party.The transactions are recorded in a ledger/log known as the “block chain” which is public. Apart from this, bitcoin is the digital currency that is not controlled by any country’s government or an official body. As a result, it’s value also fluctuates very rapidly. It is interestingly, driven by mathematics and encryption protocols and not by any banks or issuing authorities.

Nowadays, malicious softwares called ‘ransomware’, are taking the world by storm. These software by some hook and crook get installed in people’s computers somehow and then the attacker asks for money in exchange of providing de-crypted information or promising not to publish some sensitive information publicly.

Darknet is a vague vague place. It provides a whole lot of resources and opens a plethora of opportunities,especially for engineers,while, on the other hand it also has innumerable illicit stuff going on. The darknet is dark and bright at the same time.

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