Why App is so Important for Business in 2019–2020

Mahil Jasani
Oct 28 · 5 min read

From decade rise of mobile usage take the overall market at a new level. According to the report of Statista, nearly 48.8% internet user around the world which now increased up to 63.4% in 2019 and the report says that it will increase around 10–15% more in coming years. If we calculate per hand usage than billions of mobile user currently available. Not only this but also nearly 4 hours average each person spend their time in mobile.

Today just have a look around yours what is not possible from mobile.

  • Shopping
  • Playing
  • Research
  • Design
  • Entertainment and what not.

Each thing available just span of click. People now need a more fast solution. This is only possible through digitization. Today people depend on digital things. From a few years back people buy grocery from mall and store. But now people order grocery from home with a great amount of discount.

From digitalize, system people save their more time and make lives efficient as possible as. Just ask a question by your end “How many hours you spend time a day on mobile”. Now I hope you got your answer.

According to a study of Statista, nearly 1.6 billion worldwide people prefer to shop online which expected around 2.14 billion in 2021. Today one of the most leading industry for business is retail. Most of the retailer start a business online because the future is here and they realized this.

Not only this major industry already started to do business online i.e Real Estate, Construction, Farming, Home Cleaning and what not. You just have to name it and that service available online with a massive amount of competition. Yes, you have heard the same i.e with more competition. You were late but your competitor already adopted this and go far away in the digital world.

Today for a business you have to make sure that your business provides on-demand solution of your service to your customer otherwise they turn to your competition with a period. Because you were lacking to provide solutions fast but your competition not and this is the reason your competition beat you easily.

Here are the answers to your question: “Why the app is so much important for your business”?

1- Indirect Power of Digitization

As we have discussed that the Internet is past, present and future of the world and mobile is the power of the internet. Today everything available on the Internet and people also want to use it as well. From morning alarm too late-night cab booking, everything people like to use. From ordering food online to home cleaning and whatnot. You just imagine and that available through the internet.

Here is a little bit of science: “If you liked something you will use that again and again.”

Integrate mobile application and website with your business allow your customer to interact with your business digitally and that what you took the power of digitization.

2- Gain More Visibility

People spent more and more time on the Internet and if your business available through digital than your business gain more visibility. This is not about visibility alone but also gain a good amount of business growth as well. Traditionally, you can reach small heads but through the digital world, you can reach as many consumers as you want.

Here is a little bit of science: “Reach more heads leads to more visibility followed by massive growth”

3- Ease of Access

Just think of a scenario. “You want to go urgently somewhere and suddenly your vehicle damage. What to do next? It is a simple to book cab OR call engineer.” Through the digital app, this becomes a more easy process. You can get a solution with 10 min OR less. Which not possible through the traditional way. Through digitalization, people access any business within a second.

Here is a little bit of science: “Mobile is a path to interact with your business within few clicks. No matter where your customers are.”

4- New Customer Experience Lead New Level Brand Loyalty

People today want to experience something new and ease. If they need a solution then try to look for a solution on demand. This is the reason why business plays an important role. If your business provides a solution to your customer needs on-demand than your customer feeling great about your services. This experience not just only provide your customer with a new level of experience but also increase brand loyalty indirectly.

Here is a little bit of science: “On-Demand Solution Proportion of Loyalty”

5- High Brand Recognition

As you have heard about LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and another social platform. You have also heard about Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Other Ads platform. These are the way of direct and digital marketing. From these, you can reach tons of head in single nights. Which never be possible through tradition one. Another main advantage of Digital among Tradition is cost. Within a few cents you can reach many customers, this is what power of digital. This indirectly leads to high brand recognition.

Here is a little bit of science: “From Tradition, you can reach few heads where from digital you can reach most heads”


A mobile app is not your business backup OR revenue machine. It is the future of your business. And start from now leads more customer in future. Through the mobile app, you have used the power of digital and presented a strong brand in your industry!

But you have to keep in mind that costing of the mobile application is higher than the website. If you want to know more about cost than Ultimate Guide of how much does it cost to make an app available to give you all information what you need to kick start your digital business. In a word, your business is future-ready from the application.


If you haven’t started a business yet then you can refer the following graph to know which industry more popular to start a business with.

Mahil Jasani

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Meet the COO of Excellent WebWorld and the web tech lover. Mahil has all the knowledge of IoT, Drupal development, website design and development.

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