“Only families allowed.”

I got married at the midnight of August 14. I truly regained freedom at midnight. Whoever told you that marriage takes away freedom from you, must be speaking for men(?).

I remember those days when I stayed with 3 other girls in a posh society in Koramangala. Every time there was a ruckus in the society, the guard would be paying his due visit at our door. After all, who else could cause a racket in a society of angry fathers, snappy kids, drunken husbands but four 25 year old unmarried girls!

Now that I stay with my husband in Indiranagar, I feel like inviting the entire Kaurava clan to my apartment on Friday nights. At least, now my friends who are boys would enter my house without having to join ‘Mahima’s society of brotherhood’. But then, I refrain from exploiting this new found freedom. Imagine what would come upon the poor bachelor who stays on the 2nd floor!