Bus Banter Ft.Goa2

‘It’s 15 km afar.’, he mumbled.

‘Huh, wha-what?’, I retorted, I’d been thinking about how I was going to get rid of my degree in Math( A nasty acquisition that was the result of my stupid obsession with comprehending the universe on a ‘deeper’ level.)

‘Grandmother’s Hole beach, God! Woman, stay alert, you’re an absolute idiot.’, the now not so stranger on the bus, who’s name I’d forgotten to ask, chastisised me.

‘Oh that!, Sorry, I sometimes get lost in thought. Okay, as long as you’re with me I see no cause of panic.’, I smiled sweetly.

‘You met me 5 minutes back, I suggest you keep your wits about you, girl whose name I don’t know.’, he dead-panned.

‘Nah, I trust you, besides I’m the one you should be afraid of, I the unknown mastermind, who convinced you to accompany me to an isolated beach.’

‘Duh, well I’m more afraid for you than of. God knows, what you’d get upto otherwise. Not even got a phone on you. Pssh.’

Our banter continued, slightly over-familiar for two just-mets but better than the usual small talk.

I’m glad we surfed that phase. Hate forced small talk, when you have to pretend to act interested in the other person’s formal inquiries, and either watch the conversation strain into nothingness or blow up into a one-sided attempt.

The bus rocked to a halt and emptied a little. We sat, knee to knee.

‘How much longer?’, I whined 15 minutes later, tired of the endless green fields out the bus window.

’20 minutes. How do you expect to travel the world, if you can’t appreciate the simple pleasures of a pretty view.’

‘Well cause travelling involves like culture, food, and people and places.’

‘And waiting.’


‘Lots and lots of waiting. Staring too. And not much culture these days, it’s become too easy to find things out for yourself, people on the streets ain’t going to be much ‘intellectual’ stimulus.’

‘I thought I’d see it for myself..’

‘ Darn good you’re going with that, lost your phone and bored already. Kid.’

‘Bleh.’, I stuck my tongue out.

20 minutes later.

‘How much longer? You said it’d be 20.’, I whined nasally.

‘I am not Google, am I? Wait.’

‘Google is better than you.’

‘Of course it is. It’s programmed to cater to all your bullshit pretense.’

Another 10 minutes and he nudged me forward, ‘Come on now, we’re here.’

‘Why isn’t the bus stopping then?’, I murmured sleepily, I’d dozed off on his shoulder.

‘Move you doofus, we’ve to tell him it’s not a marked stop.’

We ran forward, and the driver screeched to a halt, dropping the two of us of on the road.

The fields were gone, it was palm trees now.

‘Well, cause you’re thick in the head and super slow, we’ll have to walk 500 ms. to the beach. He dropped us off way ahead.’

I grumbled, but internally I felt thrilled to bits at the idea of adventure.

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